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Nature Rex
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Hi! you already wanted minecraft to have more variety of biomes! more not only just biomes, structures, plants, trees and everything else... good in preparation for minecraft wild update i bring my nature rex addon

hello i'm mr rex royal and i'm bringing you my newest biomes addon today

mushroom forest

 in this huge (and common) biome you will find new and old variations of mushroom, mushroom cows, and 3 new unique structures of the biome!!!!

mushroom hut

  a simple and useful hut, with a chest, a furnace and a workbench this structure is very good at the beginning of survival

floating mushroom island

walking through this biome you can find a simple flying island, with some mushrooms and ruins... apparently with nothing, right?

mushroom village

Have you ever stopped to think about what a minecraft village would be like in the mushroom biome? no longer need to think. because now walking through this biome you may be lucky enough to find a village, with plantations, villagers, iron golems, houses... all set in the mushroom theme!!!

bush fields

a simple biome, it's like a plain full of shrubs walking through this biome you can find the delphino flower in addition to 2 unique structures of the biome

archer's tower

a tall, simple tower with a bau (full of archer items) on top

small house

a small and simple house with some starter items and chests, a good place to live!!!

red forest

a huge forest with trees with red leaves (hence the name) in this biome you can find rose bushes, sweet berries, a new flower variant that only appears here and...

the wild seedlings

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where the villagers got the potato, carrot and beet seedlings? since in the game we only find wheat seeds in nature? don't need more. the wild versions of these plants you find now in this biome

eucalyptus tower

this structure only appears in this biome, in it you can find chests and monster creators

and more ...

there is also a new soil variant that you find in this biome and in plains and forests

dry forest

 a rare biome, amidst scorching deserts and mountains of clay, this is a dead biome! here you find dry lakes leafless trees and wither roses! that now appear naturally in this biome


appearing high up in this biome you find trees with different woods ranging from eucalyptus oak and jungle, in addition to the lily flower that only appears here!

forest island

  a floating island found only in this biome, but believe me it is not just a decoration!!!!


golden island

an extremely rare floating island having only 0.01% to appear in the world but if you find it... you are rich the leaves of the trees will drop golden apples and gold nuggets and i also hid a very good secret chest in the Island!


to play this addon you need to activate the experimental gameplay minus the option "cave and clifs" the addon was tested in version 1.17.40


I'm making the addon available in 2 formats in .mcaddon and .zip (mcaddon just click on the file and the addon will be automatically imported to your minecraft more... if you have any problems try to import it manually!)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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