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V2 Survivalcraft Nether Expansion

V2 Survivalcraft Nether Expansion
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Survivalcraft nether expansion is a new nether addon than adds new armors, weapons, mobs, blocks and ores to make more funny this dimension, also in this version i add new interesant tools to all the ores. It is totally compatible with survivalcraft more tools and armor and survivalcraft end expansion.

Video by Maat
Video by Santiago Gamer
The new mobs are:
Magma Mollusk
Fire spirit
Piglin champion
Piglin pigsteel knight
Mercenary piglin
Skeleton piglin
Skeleton hoglin
Soul skeleton
Wandering wither skeleton
Nether spider
Piglin gladiator 
King piglin
Lava lake's monster
King blaze
The forgotten warrior
Soul minotaur
Soul warrior minotaur
Magma minotaur
Ghast phantom
Black ghast
Soul ghast
Basalt giant
Magma golem
Nether trader
King skeleton
The devil
The devil is the strongest mob of the nether and drops his devil sword
The new armors of the addon are:
Quartz armor
The quartz armor is not more stronge than the iron armor and you have to make the new quartz ingot
And craft with the classic form
Gold chainmail armor
Similar to iron chainmail armor but more weak 
To craft the armor
Reinforced gold armor
More weak than diamond, and more stronge than iron this is the new reinforced gold armor
The armor's craft is with the classic gold armor and two gold blocks
Firebium armor
More stronge than iron you can get it with the firebium ore and with the normal crafting
Blaze armor 
This new armor is with the quartz ingot and blaze powder and the normal crafting
You can find this metal generated in all your nether
To craft this armor you need the normal firebium ingot with magma
In this nether update you could find the new warped, serin and crimsom fruit
The new nether has new blocks like:
Volcano stone
Crimsom netherrack
Warped netherrack
Nether ores
New serin micro biome
New structures
Decoration blocks
Finally new nether caves generation
Spoiler next addon update


1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon or mcpack archive.                         
2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 
3.-Wait the exportation
4.-Active the resorce and behavior packs
5.-Active the experimental options
6.-Go to play the addon in your world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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