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Become BoBoiBoy Add-on

Become BoBoiBoy Add-on
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add on is inspired by the boboicraft/boboiboy add on, I purposely separated this add on because Minecraft can get errors, now you can be any element (boboiboy version), in this add on there are only boboiboy elements up to 7 and stage 2

In this add on, there are also boboiboy element mobs as your helpers using their own elemental powers

1.boboiboy lightning

Lightning was amongst the first three forms that BoBoiBoy obtained from Ochobot. He was the first form that BoBoiBoy unlocked
BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm first appears when BoBoiBoy Lightning is kidnapped by Adu Du and Probe. He was then tortured by them via exploding balloons, revealing that BoBoiBoy had globophobia

2.boboiboy wind

BoBoiBoy Wind, also known as BoBoiBoy Angin, is one of the original three elemental forms that BoBoiBoy obtained, the others being BoBoiBoy Lightning and BoBoiBoy Earth
BoBoiBoy Wind accidentally got some fake milk with Chemical X which was made by Adu Du to use in making Yaya's biscuit, and become boboiboy cyclone

3.boboiboy earth

BoBoiBoy Earth, also known as BoBoiBoy Tanah, is one of the original three elemental forms that BoBoiBoy obtained, the others being BoBoiBoy Lightning and BoBoiBoy Wind.

4.boboiboy leaf

BoBoiBoy Leaf, also known as BoBoiBoy Daun, is a BoBoiBoy's new elemental forms.
When Ochobot was destroyed and gave BoBoiBoy the last of his powers, BoBoiBoy Thorn, along with all the other forms in a blind rage

5.boboiboy fire

Fire makes his first appearance, where he is first spotted as the suspected arsonist that was going around setting fires to random places by Adu Du and Probe
BoBoiBoy evolved after he felt very angry because of an incident where Bora Ra smashed Ochobot to pieces with his Black Hole Power

6.boboiboy water

BoBoiBoy Water is shown wearing long-sleeved black shirt with cyan blue vest. He also wear the black trousers and a pair of black, icy cyan blue, and white shoes
BoBoiBoy first evolves Water into Ice after witnessing Ochobot's death at the hands of Bora Ra. With this newfound power, BoBoiBoy uses Ice alongside the other evolved elements to defeat Bora Ra.

7.boboiboy light

BoBoiBoy Light is mentioned. In the library, BoBoiBoy and Gopal attempt to find ways for him to unlock this elusive elemental form.
When BoBoiBoy fought Captain Vargoba, Captain Vargoba easily defeated BoBoiBoy and was thrown into space. In an almost frozen state, BoBoiBoy's body was thrown into the sunlight causing the ice to melt and BoBoiBoy managed to transform into BoBoiBoy Solar

this is boboiboy clock, if you want to turn into any boboiboy element, hold it and choose

you can tame him using iron nugget


  • This add on is in Indonesian

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16



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