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XP Abilities - Addon

XP Abilities - Addon
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So I was watching a boss battle in a fairly popular rpg (FFVII remake Sephiroth) and the battle system/ui concept was so cool I wanted to see how something like that would look in Minecraft. And on the other hand experience is not really used too much in the game besides for upgrading items etc, so this addon will give you another use for XP!

Here is a video showing everything in action! Basically what it does is replaces certain parts of your UI. Health is now displayed on the right side as a green bar. Experience is still displayed but they are now referred to as "Energy Points" that can be used for different abilities. The yellow EP bar on the right counts for XP "Levels".
Because of that, it can get pretty expensive, Fire for example costs 2 whole XP levels. To make up for that Creepers drop more XP than usual.
Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Bio are general elemental attacks so slowing things down, lightning, poison, etc.
Haste increases speed and.................. haste. Cure heals you a bit, Barrier gives resistance, and Esuna clears status effects as well as gives you a slight absorption boost to make up for the expensive XP Cost.
When you sneak, the screen has a white-ish tint as a reference to the FFVII remake battle system where time "freezes" to give you time to select abilities almost like a realtime/turn based hybrid. When sneaking mobs will basically be given max slowness as you shuffle through the abilities.
Each of the special attacks have special particles to differentiate them, like the blizzard one has a "snowflake" texture and the lightning one is little clouds with thunderbolts.


Should work on the latest Bedrock versions and later, 1.17X etc. Also no need to activate anything except for putting on the resource pack and behavior back, the UI shows up at all times.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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