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Craftable Chain Armor with Chain Tools V1.5

Craftable Chain Armor with Chain Tools V1.5
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Hello there!
 Are you curious that Chain Armor Recipe aren' t added in Minecraft? 
You can' t craft Chainmail Armor but the game has chains?
 Chains are quite useless huh? Do you want a use of it?
 Well SAY NO MORE because Chain will be a star of my Addon the best of the best! 
Introducing my... 
Craftable Chain Armor with Chain Stuffs ! (NEW! V1.5)

With this addon, you gameplay will be chainerific!
For instance, you need to craft this chain (For those who know, you can skip this)
Or you could craft it with 2 iron nuggets now.
Here are the stuffs that' ll be added in the addon.
Since we are done of the first important crafts, let us proceed to The Craftable Chain Armour.

Chain Armor Recipe

Here are the armor recipes that can be crafted from chains.

Chain Helmet

Chain Chestplate

Chain Leggings

Chain Boots

Chain Tools

Now let’s proceed to this section, Chain Tools which I added so Chain will have more use than Chain Armor
Recipes and Descriptions will be shown below...

Chain Sword

Attack Damage: 6
Durability: 700

Chain Axe

Attack Damage: 5
Durability: 740
(Can be used to strip wood, cut wood just like a Normal Axe)

Chain Pickaxe

Attack Damage: 4
Durability: 740
(Can mine Stone, Cobblestone, Ores just like a Normal Pickaxe)

Chain Shovel

Attack Damage: 4
Durability: 710
(Can make grass path, dig dirt just like a Normal Shovel)

Chain Hoe

Attack Damage: 3
Durability: 700
(Can make farmlands, can gather haybales, just like a Normal Hoe)

Chain Extras

Extras that are made by Chain, It could be food , items , etc ...
(Note: Food for now, some will be added to the future)

Chain Soup

(I know it sound ridiculous but it came me out to an idea, well it’s op)
When eaten, it will give some effects (Strength and Resistance for 700 seconds Amplifier : 3)

New! V1.5!

(I’ve made this important update because Chains are too expensive, so i decided to update it. Version 1.5 for now because 2.0 is a Big Update)
New Stuffs are added in the addon


New Chain Plants

Chain Flowers!
Note: They naturally spawn on grass or in every biome, they are quite many but i think it’s alright)
Pre-grown Chain Flower (Buds)
(Drops 1-3 Chains if destroyed)
Fully Grown Chain Flower (Flowers)
(Can be bonemealed, drops 3-10 flowers)
Quite many XD
Well i designed a seed for it if you want it to decorate in your homes.
Thanks to LanDay for the idea. (His Slime Flower)

New Chain Blocks and Ores!

Designed Ores and Blocks so why not?
Chain Ores and Blocks can be crafted by:
Note: Chain Ores can be found by any biome, (Overworld) generates between y12 - 46. Drops 1 to 7 chains.

Improved Chain Foods!

Added more foods out of chains.
Some are added like i planned like:

Chain Bread

Effects when eaten:
Note: Cannot be eaten always but you can oy eat it when you are hungry.

Chain Apple

When eaten:

Chain Potion

Not actually a food but its a potion that does not need brewing.
When Eaten:

Enchanted Chain Apple 

(I can’t show the recipe because my storage is full but tip: Can be crafted with a Chain Apple on Center surrounded by 8 Chains)
When eaten:

Chain Souper

Derived from the name Chain Soup but super thats why called Chain Souper. I still cannot show you the recipe because of the same reason but tip: can be crafted by Chain Soup on Middle, Surrounded by 4 chains on each side.
When eaten:
For the addon to work, you need to turn on these experimentals.
Note: This addon will only work on 1.16 , 1.17 and 1.18 but i will recommend 1.17 above than lower versions.


This is important:
Once the .mcpack file won’t import (For Mobile/Android) you need to do the following:
You need to download the .zip file instead or convert the downloaded .mcpack file into .zip.
After, decompress the .zip file and do the following:
Cut/Copy the Resource Pack Folder and paste to games→com.mojang→resource_packs
Cut/Copy the Behavior Pack Folder and paste to 
For the ones that mcpack works, you may proceed and enjoy...
Thank you for understanding!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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