Olive Pig

Olive Pig
Addons for Minecraft PE
Ever wanted Olive Pig in Minecraft? Now you can have Olive Pig in Minecraft. With the Olive Pig mod, you can now have the revolutionary Olive Pig. The Olive Pig is just like a Pig except it looks like an Olive. The stats of the Olive Pig are also mildly better than that of a normal pig. The Olive Pig spawns in the Lush Caves.

This is the Olive Pig. A pig that looks like an olive. It's slightly larger than your average pig. If an Olive Pig is struck by lightning, something interesting may happen. This description is intentionally vague.

The Olive Pig can be bred with glowberries.

The Olive Pig mod also includes the Skeleshroom, an intentionally uninspired variation of the skeleton, parodying nothing in particular. Currently, it does not spawn in survival mode. It is as useless as useless gets.
This is the Pet Rock. You can put it in lava for 20 minutes and when you fish it back out it will have smelted into iron or gold.
Camburger. Can be spawned in by right clicking a Gingerbread Golem from EAT with a Soul Campfire. It shoots soul fireballs at monsters.
Enjoy thoroughly.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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