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Expansive Biomes v1.5

Expansive Biomes v1.5
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Want new biomes to explore in your Minecraft world? Expansive Biomes adds 20+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore, with more being added in the future!

This is my first attempt on biomes, so I hope you enjoy! Expansive Biomes adds 20+ new biomes to the game for you to seek out and explore. Expansive Biomes also includes some new mobs, and blocks!

V1.4 Trailer

-----This add-on is still in early stages, so bugs, errors and crashes are likely to occur.-----
-----May not work well on older/slower devices!-----
-----May not work well with other biome/world generation addons.-----


Depending on the update, updating to new versions from previous versions of this addon may cause chunky terrain on existing worlds, or applying the addon to an existing world.
It is always best to start a new world when using newer versions of this addon, unless the update it stated to be "existing-world friendly" in the version log below.

Version Log:

v1.0 - release
v1.1 - may cause chunky terrain
v1.1.2 - existing-world friendly
v1.2 - may cause chunky terrain
v1.3 - existing-world friendly
v1.4 - may cause chunky terrain
v1.4.1 - existing-world friendly
v1.5 - may cause chunky terrain

---------------KNOWN BUGS/PROBLEMS---------------

Biomes will sometimes have the wrong fog and climate.
Custom leaves do not decay.
Custom Logs aren't mined faster with vanilla axes.
Custom Ores aren't mined faster with vanilla pickaxes.
Custom pickaxe can't mine some blocks.
You can jump over custom fences.
Custom fences give off a shadow.
Cattails may spawn on wrong blocks and spawn with vines on them.
Due to a 1.17.30 bug, the addon may cause game crashes.
Some enchantments don't work on custom items and armor (example - Efficiency).
Wider custom trees will sometime hang over the side of the terrain.

Biome List:

The Bog
Humid, wet, swampy biome consisting of water patches in the grass, patches of mud, large shallow bodies of water with trees, and mossy boulders. Frogs and Crocodiles will spawn here.
Lush Desert
Hot lush desert with grass, sand. and red sand making up the surface with trees, cacti, small cacti, and bushes.
Large beach like biome consisting of grass, sand, and palm trees with coconuts.

Volcanic Plains (rare)
Hot, plain biome consisting of erupting lava geysers, and basalt pillars with the surface being made of stone, basalt, and smoldering stone. (Geysers can take up to 20 minutes to erupt after being loaded.)
Cherry Blossom Forest
 Forest biome with Cherry Blossom trees and tons of flowers.
Pumpkin Plains
 Plains biome with tons of pumpkins, bushes and occasional large pumpkins.
Bryce Jungle (rare)
 Jungle biome with stone and grass surfaces and large bryce pillars.
Black Sand Shores
 Shore biome with black sand making up the surface, currently only spawns with the volcanic biome.
 Flat wet biome with a broken surface of grass, water, and mud.
Lavender Grove
 Flat grove biome with lavender trees and lavender flowers.

 Giant cold mountain biome with snow, and a flat surface on top.

Pine Forest
 Forest biome consisting of tall spruce pine trees and ferns. (has a snowy variant)
Frozen Desert
 Flat, cold biome with patches of frozen ice and mossy boulders.

 Large plateau biome with steep cliffs and flat valleys consisting of small pine trees, and occasional pillars with the surface being made up of hardened dirt and grass.
Frozen Mountain
 Freezing mountain biome consisting of small frozen lakes and mountain pine trees.
Pendula Forest
 Forest biome with tall birch trees, large birch pendula trees, and bushes. Lots of Beehives can be found here.

Redwood Forest
 Forest biome with huge redwood trees, ferns, and bushes.
Lush Mountains
 Elevated Mountain biome filled with Pine trees, and taiga trees.
Autumn Forest
 Forest biome filled with oak, birch, and pine trees with autumn colored leaves, and leaf piles. The Haunted Forest sub-biome has a rare chance to spawn within, or beside the biome.
Birch Wetlands
 Wet, humid biome with dense tall birch trees, and pockets of water making up the surface. Frogs will spawn here.
Maple Woods
 Forest biome with tons of maple, and spruce trees. Rare chance to find syrup in a tree.
Scorched Forest (Rare)
 Forest biome scorched by heat from lava from the Volcanic biome. Will only spawn as a sub-biome in Volcanic biomes.
Tropical Island
 Island biome with palm trees, and flat tropical jungle trees on the surface. (Rare)
 Plains-like biome with sparse oddly shaped oak trees, sweet berry bushes, and lots of flowers spread across the surface.
Dandelion Forest
 Forest biome with tons of dandelions, Mooblooms will spawn here.
Shrubland Plains
 Plains biome filled with oak bushes, occasional oak trees, and poppies.
Deciduous Forest
 Forest biome with dense Deciduous trees, oak bushes, and flowers. Has a frozen variant.
Break Wasteland
 Flat grassy biome with sparse trees and occasional steep hills.
Shipwreck Ocean
 Ocean biome with large stone pillars protruding from the water. (Rare).
Coniferous Forest
 Cold forest biome with dense coniferous and spruce trees. Has a frozen variant.
Mystic Forest
 Mystical forest with a canopy of huge oak trees, Goblins and Fireflies can be found here. Lots of hostile mobs will spawn here due to the lack of light due to the trees.
Tall Roofed Forest
 Roofed/Dark Oak forest with tall dark oak trees, giant mushrooms and less dense vegetation from the vanilla biome.
Jacaranda Forest
 Forest biome with large Jacaranda trees, bamboo, and various flowers.
Frost Forest
Freezing forest biome with ice spikes scattered on the surface. Yetis will commonly spawn here.


Plus more!!


More biomes will be added in future updates!


New Structures:

Hunter Cabin
Spawns in Pine Forest biomes.
Trapper Pillager will spawn here.


Goblin Hut
Spawns in Mystic Forest biomes.
Goblins will spawn here.


New Blocks:

Hardened Dirt (can be obtained by smelting dirt in a furnace or finding it in biomes)
Mud (slows mobs and players when walked on)
Smoldering Stone (emits smoke particles)
Coconut (drops coconut when broken)
Small Cactus
Lavender Flower
Jacaranda Blocks (can be crafted using the same recipes as vanilla wood blocks)
Cherry Blocks (can be crafted using the same recipes as vanilla wood blocks)
Redwood Blocks (can be crafted using the same recipes as vanilla wood blocks)
Vibranium Ore (Can only be mined with a Netherite pickaxe/Vibranium Pickaxe, and will drop Vibranium Crystals when mined.)
Vibrancy Stone (found in Wakanda biomes)
Vibrant Dripstone (found in Wakanda biomes)
Smoldering Log (found in Scorched Forest biomes)
Scorched Leaves (found in Scorched Forest biomes)
Scorched Grass Block (found in Scorched Forest biomes)
Smoldering Grass Block (found in Scorched Forest biomes)
Autumn Oak Leaves
Autumn Birch Leaves
Autumn Oak Leaf Piles
Maple Leaves
Oak Log Filled with Syrup (interact with a glass bottle to get Bottle of Syrup)
Dune Sand (found in Dune desert biomes)
Hanging Icicles (found in any frozen biome)
Buttercup Flower (can only be obtained as a drop from Mooblooms)
Brittlebright (can be found in Mystic Forest biomes, produces light)
Standing Torch (can be crafted with 2 sticks and a torch, acts like a normal torch, but has collision)
Glass Jar (can be crafted with 1 plank and 1 piece of glass)
Firefly Jar (obtainable by catching a Firefly in a Glass Jar, produces light)
Vertical Moss Carpet (found in lush caves)
Deer Trophy (rare drop from deer with antlers)
Snowdrop flower (flower that spawns in Frost Forest)
Cattails (found in most wetland biomes)
Violets (found in Maple Woods, and Coniferous Forest biomes)

(Most blocks included in the addon)


New Mobs:

Mossy Skeleton & Zombie
Currently just reskinned skeletons and zombies that spawn in the Bog biome.
Trapper Pillager
Neutral towards players unless angered. You can trade with them for pelts, leather, and hide, but their trades will not replenish. They will attack villagers, iron golems, and bears on sight. Skilled archers that can shoot 2 arrows at once in a short amount of time and have 45 points of health. Can be found in Hunter Cabin structures.
Vibranium Skeleton
Large tough Skeleton made of Vibranium, has 100 points of health, and will carry either an iron sword or a bow, with a rare chance to spawn with Vibranium gear.
Spawns primarily in water, where it is fastest, and will attack most mobs. Drops Crocodile meat when killed.
Passive animal that spawns in wetland biomes, it will hop around... that's about it. Drops Frog Legs when killed.
Black Bear
Neutral mob that will run from players, will only attack if hit or a bear cub is near. Spawns in Pine Forest biomes. Drops Black Bear Pelt when killed.
Grizzly Bear
Aggressive mob that will attack players, pillagers, and monsters (excluding creepers). Spawns in Pine Forest biomes. Drops Grizzly Bear Pelt when killed.
Acts the same as a normal cow, but is yellow, and covered with Buttercup flowers. Spawns in Dandelion Forest biomes.
Neutral mob that will attack monsters (excluding creepers). Will attack players if angered. Spawns in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be traded with.
Small passive mobs that will fly around randomly. Spawns at night in Mystic Forest biomes. Can be caught with a glass jar.
Adorable neutral mobs that will attack players if angered. They will avoid players, and are nocturnal and will sleep during the day similar to foxes. They will eat crops, and pickup most food items and eat them. They are afraid of carved pumpkins, so they are a good way to prevent raccoons from eating crops. To tame raccoons, sneak and feed them bread.
Passive mobs that will avoid players, villagers, and pillagers. They will drop venison, deer antlers, leather and a rare chance to drop a deer trophy when killed.
Aggressive mob that does 7 hearts of damage per hit, will attack most mobs on sight, and will throw balls of packed ice that deal 3 and 1/2 hearts when their target gets too far away. Spawns rarely in any Frozen biome, but spawns more commonly in the Frost Forest biome.


New Armor:

Grizzly Pelt Armor - Made from Grizzly Bear Pelts, and iron armor, it is a little stronger in protection, and durability than iron, and has a working cloak! (Remove cape from player to avoid them from glitching through each other.)
Vibranium Armor - Made from vibranium ingots, and is stronger than Netherite, more knockback resistance, and has slightly better durability. Some parts will glow in the dark, unless enchanted.

New Weapons/Tools:

Vibranium Sword - deals 9 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
Vibranium Pickaxe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
Vibranium Axe - deals 8 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
Vibranium Shovel - deals 6 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.
Vibranium Hoe - deals 7 damage, and has 2000 durability, 1 durability point per use.


New Food:

Frog Legs (Cooked and Raw)
Crocodile Meat (Cooked and Raw)
Venison (Cooked and Raw)


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Download mediafire files (delete older versions before installing newer versions)
Apply behavior pack and resource packs to your world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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