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Endcraft! (V3) Ashed Waste Update

Endcraft! (V3) Ashed Waste Update
Addons for Minecraft PE
Don't you hate the End. So Boring..So Empty..WELL NOT ANYMORE!!!This Addon adds not just new Biomes to the End. It also adds new Structures. New Mobs or Ores and much more!


The first Biome is the Infernal Forest:
The Infernal Forest has Trees and a lot more!
Also Yes out of the Planks you can make the same stuff as with normal wood.
Lumen Good Spawns around the Infernal Forest and on break drops lumen which can be eaten
Other Food btw:
Next one is the 
Warped End
MCPEDL Won't let me post the image sooo sorry-
This is the most Boring Biome but the most peacefull one! IT also has Warped Trees
Btw you can use Twisted vines  to make Paper now
The next one is the 
Ashed Waste
This Biome has a new Type of sand which can be used the same way as Sand can be used 
The Cactus can be made into Purple dye and into Sticks:
In the Ashed Waste is Also Powdered Endstone
Only can be picked with a Bucket. When Stepping on it has a Chance of Teleporting you randomly
Next is the Bloody Hills!
This Biome has a Fog and a new Stem Type (It also has creepy ambient Sounds)!
The Grass can drop seeds which can be planted on Obsidian or Bloody obsidian
The last stage drops Wheat which can be made into bread
Also the Bloody Sappling (The one ontop of the Bloody obsidian) can be bone mealed to get a Bloody tree!
Also the Leaves drop seeds+the saplings too

Next Biome is the Between Cloud

This Biome Spawns high up and is really Big! It has its own Wood type too


It adds 5 new Ores for now 
This one Tungsten can be mined with Wooden Pickaxe or higher
The Ender pearl ore drops 1-3 Ender pearls.
The white ore however is Tungsten. It has the same uses as Iron and used in many recipes

Another Ore is Argonite

This one is like Quartz for the End (Needs wooden Pickaxe too)

Another Ore is harcadium (Needs stone Pickaxe or higher)

Its like Coal and also be used to make Torches


And last one is Enderlieft  (needs Diamond or higher)

Its a lot Better then Netherite and Can be made in the Fusion Table
Here are all Recipes of the Fusion Table:


First of the Ender Museum
In it are random Blocks from the Overworld and Nether
These blocks however are random
next is ruined End portal which spawns in the End and Overworld
The loot inside is really good and can contain really rare items


One Mob is the Ender Slime iwhich drops Ender Slime balls
It also can Teleport (Yes it takes damage when in Water)
Another Mob (Actualy 3 mobs)
Are the Void Phantom
Warped Cpig
And Infernal Cow
They behavier is the same as the Normal ones
Next and Last is the Swarm Floater
The Swarm Floaters are neutral and will sometimes attack. 
Sometimes now (they do only 1 heart damage)
However they can drop their soul (Normal and Angry) which can be made into a lot of rare stuff
Next is the Bloody Worm! This will Attack the Player and drop Bloodystone dust
And last is the Ancient Builder (W.I.P)
They Don't spawn now but they will soon so just be patient!

Other Things:

Colored Endstone Spawns around the End:
And The End Has Caves now!:
Super Ender pearls Rarely Dropped From Endermans
Also The Custom UI won't work with other custom crafting tables so I made this
(This is also in the Modpack Laithcraft)

In this update I have added 3 things to the Ashed waste
The first thing is a Structure which is a ruined Pillar 
The new Stuff on the Ground is Wasted Bush and Ashed Bloom (They don't have a use but will have it soon...)
This is Everything For V3 of ENDCRAFT!


Also Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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