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Magic Essentials

Magic Essentials
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A magical adventure begins. Use the energy of mana to cast powerful spells that will allow you to defend yourself against dangerous creatures, or to get out of trouble.You will have to make a magic wand and books that allow you to use the spells.

The mana:
The Mana is the energy you will need to cast a spell.
How to cast spells?:
1. Equip a magic book off hand
2. Use it with the magic wand (you will need mana)
If you die, you will lose all your mana
You cannot have more than 200 mana points, if you already
have 200 and try to use a mana book, you will recieve the following message:
"Mana Full"
items included:
  • Magic Wand: WHen in main hand: 0 attack damage (use it to cast spells)
  • Mana crystal: Use it for recipes.
  • Mana book: when it's used (hold on the screen or rightclick) it will give you 5 mana points
  • Ender book: allows you to launch ender pearls -Cost: 5
  • Fire book (sneaking): allows you to ignite entities in a radius of 8 blocks -Cost: 10
  • Fire book (no sneaking): allows you to launch fireballs -Cost: 5
  • Knockback book: allows you to knockback entities -Cost: 10
  • Ender book: allows you to launch ender pearls -Cost: 5
  • Levitation book: allows you to make entities float in a radius of 8 blocks -Cost: 5
  • Lightning book: allows you to summon a lightning bolt where you look -Cost: 8
  • Storm book: throw a lightning bolt to all entites in a radius of 10 blocks -Cost: 10
  • Ender book: allows you to launch ender pearls -Cost: 5
  • Fang book: attack entities in a radius of 8 blocks with evocation fangs like an evoker -Cost: 10
  • Stone spell book: allows you to catch entities in a radius of 8 blocks inside stone -Cost: 10
  • Wizard Boss: A powerful villian that generates inside a structure. If you get near, it will attack you using a powerful knockback. Also, if you get away,
    it will spawn vex to attack you.
Wizard Dungeon:
Wizard dungeon chest loot:
If you kill the wizard, it will drop its costume. If you equip it
your life will increase to 40 and your attack to 4.
Magic Wand animations:
Mana Table
Mana Table UI
Use the mana table to craft the magic wand
Mana Crystal
Mana Book
Knockback Book
Stone spell book
Lightning Book
Storm Book
Upgrade of lightning book
Levitation Book
Fire Book
Fang Book
Ender Book


You need all experimental features. This addon is incompatible with others that
edit player.json file.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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