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DHK Rickshaw V2

DHK Rickshaw V2
Addons for Minecraft PE
The Rickshaw Addon will allow you to explore the most popular vehicle of Bangladesh. The vehicle will offer a great opportunity to more easily move around in Minecraft. These vehicles are cool as they have classic design and great look.

How to use:
Ø Go to your world setting and select “Behavior Pack” and then select “RPC Rickshaw Addon V2” from the list of mods.
Ø You can’t craft this vehicle in survival mode. So, you have change your gamemode to creative.
Ø You will be able to find the vehicle on your creative inventory by typing “Rickshaw”.
Ø You can usually spawn it by pressing the Right-Key of your mouse.
Ø You don’t need to tame it. Just press the Right-Key of your mouse to ride on it.
Ø Control it with WASD key and your Mouse.
Ø You will be able to leave the vehicle by pressing Space or Shift key.  
· It has 3 different colors (RED, GREEN, YELLOW)
· The Rickshaw has a movable storage where you can store your items.
· There are 3 seats with 1 addition driver seat. So that you can ride with your friends.  
· You can ride it underwater*
· You can break it using bare hand*


How to download: (MediaFire)
· Click on ‘Download’ button from bellow.
· Redirect to MediaFire.
· Congo! The file is started to download.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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