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Walkways Add-on

Walkways Add-on
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Ever want to add walkways to your world but thought slabs were too ugly or the path block block are just as boring as going to kid jail (school)? The Walkways add-on seeks to solve this pressing and significant problem by adding connectable walkways to your world! Just place them and they will automatically connect to each other!

Walkways Add-on

Walkways Add-on adds 25 wooden walkways you can use in your worlds so you don't have to step on the grass anymore! All the walkways automatically connect to each other on all four sides allowing much creativity in how you use the walkways.  Walkways can also be turned into platforms to connect walkways together. 


All walkway types automatically connect to each other no matter the type.


The walkways are made using slabs made of their respective materials. (Stone walkways are not in the GIF below)


Walkways List

Oak Planks Walkway
Acacia Planks Walkway
Crimson Planks Walkway
Dark Oak Planks Walkway
Jungle Planks Walkway
Spruce Planks Walkway
Warped Planks Walkway
Birch Planks Walkway
Cobblestone Walkway
Stone Walkway
Granite Walkway
Andesite Walkway
Diorite Walkway
Brick Walkway
Mossy Cobblestone
Blackstone Walkway
Sandstone Walkway
Red Sandstone
Stonebrick Walkway
Mossy Stonebrick Walkway
Cracked Stonebrick Walkway (Made with regular block btw)
Smooth Stone Walkway
Polished Blackstone Walkway
Polished Blackstone Bricks Walkway

Experimental Features

Activate all experimental features except the caves and cliffs toggle.



Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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