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Detroit Become Human Addon

Detroit Become Human Addon
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Are you a fan of Detroit become human, then this Addon is for you. This Addon brings you some characters from Detroit become human. There are Bad Androids, Good Androids and Humans. This Addon is just made for fun as one of my viewer asked me to create the addon so I did. 

Detroit become human has a lot of cool characters from Androids to humans. 
Android skinless (Good)
Androids are humanoid looking robots who have emotions. Good Androids are good and will kill all the bad guys.
Bad Android:
These Androids are corrupted and will most likely harm you. 
Detroit Police:
Detroit Police are the cyber police of Detroit city. These police are your companions until you hit them, then you will be in danger.
Hank Anderson:
The human detective of Detroit Police department. He hates Android but only supports good so he can be on your side.
The first main character of the game, conner is a android cop who is good and is investigating on the bad Androids. He will help you in your investigation.
Kara is also the main character of Detroit become human. She is a good android who wants to protect a little girl from her drunken father.
Another main character, Markus is a pretty strong android who wants to save other Androids from destruction.
Amanda is an A.I designed by the android creator to take on the main character conner.
Conner Rk900:
This is the corrupted version of Conner. He is corrupted by Amanda is very strong. He will attack players and will kill good people.
Android armor: Basic armor for Android cosplay.
Android gun:. This gun will help you in your investigation and is pretty strong. It gives the opponent slowness when fired.
Android battle Armor:
This custom will help you in a bigger investigation. This gives you cool effects and strength. 


Turn on these Experimental Gameplay then turn on the behavior pack to automatically turn on resource pack. It is better to create a new world ?.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.7
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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