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More Boss Add-on

More Boss Add-on
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Have you ever feel Minecraft is too easy? Not enough bosses? Well this add-on got you covered, this add-on add 4 more bosses each needed to be defeated to finish the game.

Let's talk about the bosses first, there are 4 bosses each drop component needed to make ender eyes, yes ender eyes recipe have been replaced you don't have to hunt for enderman for ender eyes

Sea guardian

HP : 200
XP reward : 100
Attack type : melee only
Attack damage : 15


The sea guardian will burn on daylight which can help you damage it


Sea guardian armor
Durability : 2000
Effect | amplifier
Mining fatigue | 1
Resistance | 4
Slowness | 1
Durability : 539
Effect | amplifier
Water breathing | 1

Shell (ender eyes component) 
Summon item:
Deactivated sea guardian

Elder enderman

HP : 300
Xp reward : 150
Attack type : melee and summoner (summon 4 enderman minion every 10 second) 
Attack damage : 10 ( if direct hit)


The elder enderman got hurt when wet


Cursed medallion
Durability : 1666
Effect | amplifier
Bad omen | 1
Blindness | 1
Health boost | 1
Mining fatigue | 1
Regeneration | 3
Weakness | 1
Elder ender blood (ender eyes component) 

Summon item :
Mysterious summoning book

Magma king

HP : 300
Xp reward : 100
Attack type : melee and summoner (summon 2 magma cube every 5 second) 
Attack damage : 3


Magma king got hurt when wet


Magma sword
Damage : 10
Durability : 1000
Effect | amplifier 
Haste | 1
Speed | 1
Jump boost | 1 

Magma king fire (ender eyes component) 
Summon item :
Magma king core 

Ghast mother

HP : 100
Xp reward : 100
Attack type : range (explosive) and summoner (summon 4 baby ghast after spawn once) 
Attack damage : 15 ( if direct hit)


Slow moving and large target


Baby ghast 
Durability : 1000
Effect | amplifier
Slow falling | 1

Mother ghast eye (ender eyes component) 
Summon item :
Crying baby ghast doll
Now you've beaten all the boss time to make ender eyes to beat ender dragon
First combine shell and elder ender blood to make infini ender
(infini ender work like ender pearl except it has unlimited throw ability and less affected by gravity) here the recipe
Then combine magma king fire with mother ghast eye to make fiery eye
Crack the infini ender (if you don't wanna use it and instead use it to make ender eyes) like this
Combine both cracked infini ender and fiery eye, it will give 20 ender eyes
Other info
New mob : Baby ghast 
HP : 5
Xp reward : 0
Attack type : range (small fireball) 
Attack damage : 3
Enderman minion
HP : 20
Xp reward : 0
Attack type : melee
Attack damage : 7
Enderman will now drop a new type of ender pearl (but it's Identical to the original just different texture)
All mobs and item identifier start with ak:
This addon is still work in progress, it might have some bugs and things to change in the future
(The model picture above is now outdated
Look at update version 1.1 part for the new model)

Version 1.1

All the other boss (except elder enderman ) model have been significantly improved here below is the new model and also sea guardian armor model also got changed
New trophy block dropped by the bosses to decorate your house
New death message, when a boss is defeated a message will be sent (like on Terraria) 
This update is a bit small update since I want to improve the base boss before adding more boss

Update version 1.5

This update added new bosses and structure to the bosses as well as few other improvement

New bosses

Just a note here the new bosses doesn't have weakness as of now, I may add it in the next update

The old one:

HP : 200(phase1) + 300(phase2) = 500
XP reward : 100
Attack type : melee only and area damage /melee and minion tormented souls (only phase2)
Attack damage : 10
Additional information: the old one have two phases, ghost of the old one(phase 1) and the true old one(phase2) the true old one, will be summoned after ghost of the old have been defeated

Tormented souls

HP : 20
Attack type : melee
Attack damage : 3


Notch fedora

Durability: 456
Effect | amplifier
Village hero | 1
Can be repaired with emerald (fully repaired)
Steve shirt

Durability : 659
Effect | amplifier
Haste | 2
Strength | 1
Can be repaired with wool (100 durability)
Notch pickaxe

Durability : 1753
Can dig any block
Can be repaired with diamond (1000 durability)
The old one trophy
Portable inventory portal
A portable chest which can be teleported everywhere with a spawner and teleporter
Summon item:
Ancient summoner tablet :
Recipe :

Tower of Flesh (ToF)

HP: 150
XP reward :100
Attack type : melee and minion, summon ToF eyeballs
Attack damage: 21
Additional information : ToF will break any block in front of it and put a under it to chase you down

ToF eyeballs (hostile) 

Attack type : melee
Attack damage: 3


ToF eyeballs summon wand
Summon eyeballs minion which attack hostile mobs withshot delay 1 each 3 second

ToF eyeballs minion:
Identical to the hostile version, but attack hostile mob instead
ToF scythe
Durability : 1000
Attack damage : 10
Effect | amplifier
Hunger | 2
Regeneration | 1
ToF trophy
Summon item:
Vodoo doll

Elder shulker

HP: 150
XP reward : 10
Attack type: ranged (shulker bullet) 
Attack damage : 16


Fly ability
Durability : 956
Will give you levitation effect when held
Shulker buddy Summoner

Shulker buddy

Health: 60
Additional information: doesn't attack hostile mob but instead will run away from it, can be tamed with cookie to make it follow you, it has 27 inventory slot
Shulker core summoner

Shulker core

Will keep placing shulker boxes on top of it, giving you unlimited shulker boxes
Summon item:
Elder Shulker geometry

Jungle crawler:

XP reward:150
Attack type: melee and ranged (web projectile) 
Attack damage:17
Additional information: the projectile shot by  jungle crawler will place cobweb to slow you down


Poisonous string

As of now can only be used to make  crawler fang glove more things coming soon
Poisonous web launcher

Attack damage : 7
Additional information : shoot projectile 1 every 3 second and place a cobweb to slow your enemy down
Jungle crawler mount summoner

Jungle crawler mount

HP: 45
Attack type : area damage (3 damage per tick for hostile mob within 15 block area) 
Additional information: can be tamed with spider eyes
Structure now spawn on the world containing the bosses summon item and some loot
Here all of them as well as the biome their spawn in
Magma king temple[nether]:
Inside view:
Elder enderman temple [overworld]
Inside view:
The old one shrine [nether]
Inside view :
Elder shulker castle [the end]
Inside view:
Sea guardian boat
Inside view:
Jungle crawler abandoned house[jungle]
Inside view:
Ghast hive [soulsand valley]
Inside view:


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3. Download from mediafire

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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