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King's Uncraftable Recipes

King's Uncraftable Recipes
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Hey guys I'am back with new working addon! So i want to tell youAre you bored finding elytra in End City? Well that's kinda sadAlways dead from Evoker to get his Totem? That's pretty sad tooWell change it over to my new, recipes addon! Welcome to King's Uncraftable Recipes! 

First i added a recipe that you might like! Yes it's a Chain Armor full set-up! 
The crafting like this
After then you want get a Bee Nest without get it break or enchant until get silk touch? Well im added to a recipe for Bee Nest
Craft is like this
After then I'm added a Totem of Undying too. The recipes might be harder to obtain but the crafting is like this
Then we added an Elytra too to the addon! The craft is le like pie but for noob is kinda hard. The crafting is like this
Onto the next one! Did you like/nostlagic to old enchanted golden apple? Well make it back! I'm added a crafting for that! 
Last one! The most uncraftable item! The End Portal Frame! The craft is like this
The most greatest thing is you didn't have to enable experimenttal settings! 
A lot of more recipes. Check the images below! 


Well the addon only behavior packs. That's mean you didn't have to enable any experiment settings. Here's how to get the recipes
  1. Install the behavior pack
  2. Check the addon at download section on Google 
  3. Click the addon. It's was .mcpack format. That's mean it's can be resource or behavior packs
  4. There's should be text that says "King's Uncraftable Recipes was successfully imported" 
  5. Activate the behavior pack and play it
Well you see it's didn't need any experimental settings at world setting! It's easy as i said

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16

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