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Megamob Addon

Megamob Addon
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Hello. Today i'm bring you my addon! It's called "Megamob Addon". On this addon, we adding much new mobs! We also retextured some official mob from Minecraft! So read carefully! 

Welcome to Boss Updates! So on the boss updates, we added 3 new mobs! Here are some mobs what i given. With the new mobs update to! 
First mob are new. But it's wasn't a boss. Is a fish! Meet Tuna! 
Tuna drops his meat. Cook the meat to change it into Cooked Tuna! Tuna are copy of Cod. But we change the texture and size to make it different
Health = 8
Drop = Raw Tuna
Second is Triceraptors. It is dinosaurs from prehistoric times
Health = 100
Drop = None for now
Ability = Crashing block like driller 
Third is Death Gripper. Who ever is he, he is so evil. Can be spawn at Nether with high good chance
Health = 125
Drop = None for now
Ability = Teleport and spawn 3 skeleton with cooldown of 32 seconds
After then, we have our first transportation! This is Speedboat! Moves slow on land and move fast on water
Health = 20
Drop = None
After then we have new items. Actually 3 items 
First items that are new is a Mega Copper Sledgehammer! It deals 11 Damage but no special ability
Second is Teleport Trident. The function is same as Ender Pearl. But this its Trident Version! It deals no damage but the ability is teleport!
Third we have a Bomb! YES A BOMB!!! Bomb has medium explosion power. And after its exploded, it causes fire
But it's not the end! We also have a TNT! You will find the TNT at mob spawn egg section at creative mode. Or you can get by command. Our item id is started by "mm:" id. This addon adds new custom biome too! 
Some screenshots in-game 
Thanks for using this addon! 


To install the addon, its very easy! 
  1. Download the addon
  2. Go to download section on Google. To open it press the 3 dot on right side up, then press/click download 
  3. Click the addon that you install
  4. It's should automatically opening Minecraft 
  5. Create a new world and activate it
  6. Activate "Holiday Creator Features", "Additional Modding Capabilities", "Upcoming Creator Features" and "Creation of Custom Biomes"
Then play it and check it! 
The installation instructions is like that! 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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