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Micro Biomes Add-On (v1.2)

Micro Biomes Add-On (v1.2)
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Are  you tired and bored to explore a single biome just to find other biome? Have you ever wanted to experience all the biomes in your overworld without needing to travel through long? Or have you ever wanted to encounter more vanilla mobs?  Well, this add-on may help you out! By tweaking the world generation of vanilla biomes, this will make your world more interesting and more exciting  to explore. 

Micro Biomes Addon (v1.2)

Micro Biomes Add-on is a world generating mod that adds a small various of vanilla biomes from between or even inside other biomes.
Video Trailer: Micro Biomes Add-on (v1.2)

In this add-on, it has only changed the biome files from behavior pack, by tweaking the biome generation of vanilla biome. And it does not add any new types of biome, block, or mobs, it means you can use this along with other add-ons that does change the behavior files of biomes.

This add-on will improve your world exploration by expanding the biomes generation such as:
  • Generate more different types of biomes like forest, ocean, & hills.
  • Rare biomes are now common to find.
  • You can easily get more resources by various biomes.
  • Ocean type biome can generate among with other biome.
  • And many more possibility.


There are 3 options you can find to toggle when you activited this add-on. The options will modify the generation of microbiome from the main biome.

"Default Randomness"
- In this option, the main biome will generate all the different types overworld biome as a microbiome.
"Climate Randomness"
- In this option, the main biome will generate the microbiome according to their climate. For example, the Desert can only generate a warm biome climate like Savanna & Badlands. Or, the Forest biome will only generate other forest type biome and same climate temperature, like Roofed Forest or Flower Forest.
"Epic Randomness"
- In this option, all the biomes will generate as microbiome including the biome from the Nether & The End dimension.


       Remove the old pack before installing the new version. 

Known Problems:

  • Some biome will be missing when the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle is activated.


Download Guide:

1. Click the download option below "Micro Biomes Add-On (v1.2) - [Linkvertise]".
2. You're leaving, just click the "Click here to continue" below. This will go you through Linkvertise site.
3. Verify  that you are not a robot by checking the mark box "I'm not a robot".
4. Find & click the "Free Access with Ads".
5. Click the "Discover interesting articles", ads will pop-up. Wait for 10 seconds and then click the "X" button above.
6. After that, click the "Continue" botton, this will processed you to Mediafire Site.
7. In Mediafire, click the download botton to dowload the file.


Don't forget to turn on the "Custom Biomes" in the experimental gameplay option:

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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