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Finally Otters! (New Variant)

Finally Otters! (New Variant)
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Have you ever though the rivers and the oceans in Minecraft where missing some important creatures, then this addon is for you! You need otters! Cute lovable creatures everyone loves! No longer will the axolotls be alone...

his addon will introduce a mob that I have been searching all of MCPEDL, google and all of everyone's packs for and somehow no one has thought to create and introduce a cute creature we all know is needed in modern Minecraft!
Otters are sea and land creatures that will liven up your beaches as well as your seas. They are breedable with seagrass and in the future I plan to make them tameable if it is requested. Since this creates a brand new entity, it will not effect other addons and will be completely compatible (to the best of my knowledge anyway). 
There are 5 different variants, 4 of which you will find in the wild and the other, a rare variant that I will leave up to you to discover!
Brown Otter:
Cream Otter:
Grey Otter:
Ginger Otter:
This pack is easy to install and very much worth your addition to really add that extra addition everyone knows is needed to make Minecraft go from a 10/10 game to a 11/10 game!
Here are some ingame screenshots. Please note it is only the Otters added with this pack, the others are from existing packs found on MCPEDL.

Added a new variant: Muddy Otter!!


Sorry Its Linkvertise. At least its not AdFly :) If it really becomes a problem I'm willing to remove it, but I don't think 5 seconds will hurt anyone :) Thank you for choosing to add Otters to your world! It means the world to me...

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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