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Bell Cranel Addon

Bell Cranel Addon
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This complement adds the protagonist of the anime-novel Danmachi Bell Cranel, an entity that is weak but the more he fights, he will become much stronger.
It will help you fight it can be your best friend or your enemy.

bell 1.0 = this is your starting level and is obviously the weakest. 
damage: 70 
life: 200 
skills: jump and throw small firebolts
bell 1.5 = is a stronger version of the bell. 
damage: 320 
Health: 3000 can be regenerated and has a lot of stamina. 
ability: it has the same as bell 1, but now it has a new ability called the argonaut that it uses every 23.30 seconds, causes about 150 damage and will send the entity flying.
bell h: this form is when you defeat bell 1.0 and bell 1.5, it will fall to the ground very injured and will rest for 13 seconds to get up much stronger.
bell 1.7 = in this transformation bell will be too strong, he will get up with great determination and with more desire to fight even if he is with his armor destroyed. 
damage: 60000 
life: 100000 
ability: he will lose his jumping ability but now he will launch small firebolt faster, the argonaut will do much more damage doing a total of 100,000 damage and the best thing is that he has a blow that is a union of the argonaut with the dagger called Argo vesta, this Fist has a damage of 520,000 and will send the entity flying.
bell 2.0 = this would be his final level, his armor will be restored and obviously he will be very strong. 
damage: 500000 
life: 9999999999999 
abilities: his ability to jump will return: DD, the firebolt that he will launch will do much more damage, it is estimated that his damage would be about 99999999 leaving a trail of fire, the argonaut (like the 1.7 will charge every 5 seconds) will have a damage of 9999999999 and the argo vesta has such incredible damage.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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