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Mr. Green's Better Survival Addon

Mr. Green's Better Survival Addon
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Welcome to survival Mr. Green's way! There are well over 100 new crafting and furnace recipes, new mob drops, tame-able Foxes and Axolotls, ride-able pandas, new wandering trader and villager trades, custom structures, blocks, items, and so much more, this pack has something for everyone!

Be sure to enable the features shown in the picture below for best use. Most parts of the pack will work fine without Experimental Gameplay enabled but there are a few things such as structure generation and food effects that may not work without these setting applied. "Activate Cheats" is not required.
  • Cookie-gives speed effect
  • Dried Kelp-gives water breathing effect
  • Glow Berries- gives night vision effect 
  • Chorus Fruit-gives slow falling effect
  • Spider Eye- gives strength speed and jump boost effect
Custom Items
  • Bucket of Chicken- gives excellent nutrition, craft able w/ chicken and bucket
  • Charge a Creeper- interact with a creeper, to summon lighting bolt and charge the creeper
  • Cooked Egg- gives fair nutrition made by cooking egg in furnace
  • Diamond Apple- gives strength invisibility fire resistance, resistance, absorption, regeneration effect. Craft able with apple and 8 diamond blocks
  • Diamond Carrot- gives regeneration effect, gives excellent nutrition,
  • Diamond Nugget-  similar to iron or gold nugget
  • Elytra + - craft able with elytra and netherite chest plate, click interact button to use
  • Gunpowder bag- gunpowder item used to condense gunpowder storage. Craft able with 9 gunpowder
  • Poppy On A Stick- used to control iron golem while riding. craft able with fishing pole and poppy flower.
Custom Blocks
  • Gunpowder Block- gunpowder item used to condense gunpowder storage. Craft able with 9 gunpowder bags
  • Illuminum-  Not craft able, found in the end dimension naturally, light level 15, 
  • Mini Glowstone- craft able with glowstone block, light level 15, interact to turn on and off, interact with flint and steel to revert to Glowstone block, silk touch required
  • MrGreenGames Statue-  found in the end city loot, not craft able, light level 15
  • Wishing Well- light level 3, craft able with wood slab, sticks, and stone brick, interact with bucket to get water bucket. interact with bottle to get water bottle
  • Axolotl- tame able with tropical fish bucket, salmon, cod, or tropical fish. Once tamed feeding a nautilus shell will turn them OP. While in the OP stage the Axolotl will give conduit effect to the owner while within 30 blocks of each other, it will also have increased health and attack
  • Creeper- will not destroy blocks, will not attack players wearing a creeper head, holding sugar cane, holding "Charge A Creeper" item, feeding a creeper sugar cane will cause it to turn into a mini creeper, mini creepers can be bred with sugar cane or gunpowder to produce "baby creepers". Mini Creepers and baby Creepers will not Attack players at any time.
  • Drowned- Giving a Drowned a nautilus shell will cause it turn into a tiny drowned, Using a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple will cause it to turn into a giant Drowned. Giant Drowns and Tiny Drowned cannot burn in daylight. Tiny Drowned can be traded and tempted with copper
  • Enderman- Will not pick up blocks, turtle helmets will now prevent Enderman attacks in the same way the Carved Pumpkins does.
  • Endermite- When standing on Obsidian, has a chance over time to convert to a Shulker.
  • Ghast-  will not destroy blocks
  • Fox- tame able with sweet and glow berries
  • Horse-  able to seat 2 players, feeding rotten flesh will zombie-fy your horse
  • Iron Golem- tame able with iron ingot, can be ridden and controlled using "Poppy On A Stick"
  • Magma Cubes-  babies will no longer do damage, has a chance to drop magma blocks
  • Panda - tame able with cookies, ride able, be careful not to put bamboo bamboo or cakes into the Panda's Inventory or he will drop all the inventory to the ground so he can eat his snack
  • Piglin-  tame able with gold blocks, once tamed they can be brought to the over world, will also increase trade speed. Can trade raw gold to all Piglins
  • Piglin Brute- has a chance to drop gold blocks when killed 
  • Player- ride able by Parrots and other Players
  • Skeleton Horse- spawns rarely in the Nether, fire resistant but the player will still burn while seated
  • Spider- Can randomly place webs when standing on grass blocks, has the chance to drop webs when killed
  • TNT- increased strength
  • Wandering Trader- will now spawn with a Bee instead of Llamas, altered trades
  • Wither- can now drop up to 2 Nether Stars when killed, along with a rare chance to drop a Wither skull 
  • Zombie- interact with rotten flesh to transform a mini zombie, use splash potion of weakness and golden apple to transform into Giant Zombie, the Tiny Zombie can be traded and tempted with rotten flesh. Tiny and Giant Zombie will not burn in daylight
  • Zombie Horse- Will spawn rarely in dark areas, can be tamed with rotten flesh or tamed in the same way as a normal horse, using a splash potion of weakness and a golden carrot will transform it into a normal horse
Calcite Generation [ generates naturally over the entire Overworld y= 0-60 ]
Cobblestone Generation [ generates naturally over the entire Overworld y= 0-80 ]
Illuminum Generation [ generates naturally in the End dimension [ surface generation ] 
Mossy Cobblestone Generation [ generates naturally over the entire Overworld y= 0-80 ]
Crying Obsidian Generation [ generates naturally in the Nether y= 0-120 ]
Raw Copper Generation [ generates naturally over the entire Overworld y= 0-58 ]
Raw Gold Generation [ generates naturally in Mesas y= 0-45] 
There are over 100 custom recipes in the crafting table, you will need to search through all the recipes to discover all the changes. I have changes all the recipes in an attempt to better the survival experience without making things overpowered. 
Horse Armor[Golden, Iron Diamond] = Iron Diamond Gold
Glass Bottle=Glass Block
Diamond Tools = Diamond Nuggets
Concrete Powder= Concrete Blocks
Leather Gear= Leather
Saddle = Leather
Altered Chest Loot
 I have altered the loot tables on several chests you can find in the world including,
Buried Treasure
Desert Temple
End City Treasure 
Bonus Spawn Chest
Woodland Mansion
Fishing loot has been altered as well. Go fishing to see what you can catch!


Click the download, once downloaded open Minecraft and add the behavior pack to any world you like, make sure to enable "Experimental Features".

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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