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Pocket Mythology Bosses

Pocket Mythology Bosses
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Hello traveler, today Fenrir studios brings you an incredible addon which has 4 incredible new bosses which will make your survival more entertaining so join me as we will see creatures from Greek mythology this addon was developed by SystemTv and Arcanus


This mob will appear in the nether, with 3 types of roar attack with a push force of 6 and a damage of 12 when it reaches half life, it will give a roar and spawn 4 minions that will help its master to finish his objectives, a Melee attack with an attack of 13 to 17 damage and a lunge that gives an attack damage of 10 to 14 plus a push and a life of 400
When you manage to kill this boss, his head will be like a trophy and armor to equip you, he will also give you his heart and his tail. These items will be used to make new crafts like a battle ax.

Cerberus Ax


This mob will be invoked by the cerberus to be able to finish more quickly with its objectives, they are very fast and have an attack damage between 2 to 4 and a life of 30, when you kill this mob it will release its scales with which you can craft a Chest and some henchman horns

Head of Cerberus and Chest of Minion


This boss appears on an island that is generated in the oceans, the island is giant and is called the island of Medusa, on this island you can face this feared monster you have to be very careful with this mob since it is in a rage when it You are attacking you can turn into stone, if you want to free yourself from this situation you must hit the ground a total of 10 times, also Medusa has a melee attack that does a total of 11 to 16 attack damage and a life of 400 but what makes it dangerous is its previously stated ability to turn you to stone
When you manage to kill this mob, it will release useful things like a head that will allow you to do various things such as turn other players to stone and be immune to being turned into stone either by jellyfish or by other players who managed to kill this beast, It will also grant you a chest that you can equip as armor

Medusa head and chest


This mob appears in the swamps with a life of 300 and 2 types of attacks that are melee attack that does a total of 12 damage and with a pushing force of 6 and a range attack which allows it to launch a projectile of poison that affects all entities within a radius of 5, when this mob reaches half life it will lose one of its heads if you let a total of 15 seconds pass the head will regenerate and in turn also life this will do all the times necessary if you do not kill him in time
When you manage to kill this mob, it will give you some very useful items that you will serve to be able to craft very interesting things such as hydra armor, hydra potion and a battle ax

Hydra Armor

Hydra ax Battle

Potion of Hydra


This mob appears in deserts with a total of 2 attack types that are melee with 12 attack damage and a ranged attack that allows it to launch a poisonous projectile that affects all mobs in a radius of 5, as well. this mob will have a chance to fly and attack you from the skies
When you manage to kill this mob it will grant you skin, hair, stinger, wing and manticore head and all this will serve to craft an armor that will allow you to fly the skies like a manticore

Manticora Armor

New Mobs

Thanks to the incredible support that the first version received, we bring other new mobs in a second version


This is the Amphiptero a winged snake, it is divided into a female and male version that will give a different loot, it has 150 life and 11 to 14 damage in attack, it has 2 types of physical attack that would be with its tail and a bite , It also has 3 forms of attack, one land, air and range when it is night the amphipter goes down to the ground and rests for the next day if you bother him he will attack you after finishing his objective he will go back to sleep until the next day
when it dawns again it will return to the skies and when obtaining objective it will attack with ghost type soop attack
then every 3 hits he receives he will start his aero attack in range where he will throw fireballs, he will only attack on the ground when it is night.
When you kill him, the amphipteran will give you amphiptera feathers, scales and a horn and they will serve to create tools
The amphipter in question spawns in mountains


This is the Huargo is a mythological wolf-type creature, but of greater size and strength, when it attacks it will do so with bites and when it reaches a goal it will run to attack it, you can tame it with beef, it has 50 hearts and 10 attack , when it is tamed you can sit it and ride it, it also has variants of the desert and snowy biomes
to tame it make Bait
no mount required
When you kill this mob, you will drop its hair with which you can craft a helmet and a chest, also its meat that you can cook and eat


This mob appears in a stone structure in the sea she will be sitting waiting, every so often she will start to sing and will attract any player who is nearby and will start to do you instant damage and the only ways to free herself is to attack her while she sings or wait for her to finish singing, when you attack her she will take you as a target and change her appearance to her true form, she has 100 life and an attack of 5
Killing this mob will give you mermaid scales that are still useless in this version of the addon


This mob is a boss that appears in a maze-like structure, has 350 health and an attack between 113 to 17 damage.
The loot will be useful in a future update to obtain them you can break them
It has 2 types of attack, one normal and another where it will send you to fly
If you manage to kill this boss, he will give you his skin with which you can craft a complete minotaur armor, I can also drop you gold coins, bones and his Battle Ax that does a total of 7 damage


winner of the vote that was made in the group of discord, this in a mini mob that is made with copper and after giving it life it can also be tamed with copper
With this mob you can have a walking Torch since once you turn it on it will light you where you go
and that's it for the moment ...
remember that if you want some other mythological mob put it in the description and support by downloading the addon
we are leaving items without utility but that is because we plan to make it useful in a future version


- New Mobs added
- Resolved Bugs

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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