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Shinbi House Add-on

Shinbi House Add-on
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Are you a fan of Shinbi House cartoon? Well this time the add on is there, don't you know what shinbi house is?Shinbi House is a cartoon originating from Korea with the horror genre, telling about a creature in Shinbi's apartment, and there is a child who can defeat the creature, namely Hari Koo, Doori Koo, and Kanglim, thanks to their help, namely the Goblin creature or his name, Shinbi.

in this add on there are only humans and creatures, but the power of their creatures is great, as shown below


Twin creature

his ability spawns water every time he walks, and he can shoot water at his target

Subtle face creature

he is a faceless creature, his ability can teleport anywhere, maybe in the next update he will be able to disguise himself, please wait for this add on!

Long hair creature

that ability can bind a person, and is poisonous, and he can attack about 2 blocks away to use his hair

Spider creature

spider creature that ability he can spawn other spiders, and he can spawn cobweb on his target

Phantom torso

he is a creature who likes to steal human bodies, but his ability only attacks, I will add his abilities later, please wait for the next add on


he is a good goblin creature, he likes to help harik when fighting creatures, but in this add on he still doesn't have the ability, please wait for the next add on!

Hari koo

Hari Koo is the main character who will defeat the creatures with the help of Shinbi

Doori koo

doori koo is hari's younger brother who helps fight creatures too, he is a bit of scared, but he can fight creatures


Gaeun is Hari's best friend, his abilities don't exist, but he can help defeat creatures too

Hyun woo

hyun woo is a friend of hari, his ability only helps add to the problem every time there is a creature, just kidding

Kang lim

kang lim is hari best friend too, but hari likes him because he is handsome, and his ability is he can fight creatures using a sword and magic creature paper, but in this add on he can only throw magic creatures paper, wait for the next add on



  • but in this add on mostly Indonesian, sorry, I will change the language next time
  • and you don't need to activate the experimental

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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