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Tools and Armor EX (V1)

Tools and Armor EX (V1)
Addons for Minecraft PE
New Tools and Armor? Like a big axe or Pickaxe or even a hoe? Welp, here I am To add that! ;) This adds New Tools and Armor into the Game which are even compatible with some of my Other addons! (These are linked at the End)Hope you enjoy it!!

Lets start with the Big Pickaxe (Can be made from each Material)
It mines an Certain Area (Only STONE or DEEPSLATE)
Of blocks when breaking it
Nothing too special and pretty easy to make them too 
Next is Big Axe 
This one breaks (Almost) whole Trees!
KNOWN BUG: It sometimes doesn't break the Logs just try to break another Log then above the item dropped
Next of is the Big Hoe
It breaks an Big area of Leaves and Also can tilt an Big area!
Now we go to the Furnace Tools (ONLY WORKS IN ENGLISH)
When crafted they need to be put with a Block of Coal into the Crafting table to fuel them
However when they mine something they got a 5% Chance of going off so they got to be Fueled again
There is a shovel,Pickaxe and Axe of it
Shovel Autosmelts:
Red sand
Sandy Endstone (Endcraft)
Pickaxe Auto smelts:
Iron ,Copper and Gold ore
And also Custom Ores from Endcraft and (M)ore
And the Axe Auto smelts all Logs
There is also no Amethyst Ingots which can be made into Armor which have an throns effect (Also it deals damage when taking off)
It is  as Good as Iron Armor too!
Next is Slime (And with Endcraft Ender slime) Ingot and Armor!
Each piece has its own Ability!
Boots: Stop Fall Damage
Leggings: Give Jumpboost
Chestplate: Lets Mobs stick into you
Helmet: Stops Slimes from attacking you
Ender Slime crafted with gold and Ender slime
And Slime Ingot with Copper
Last but not least Invisible Diamonds!
In the Hotbar they are visible but in hand or when wearing its Invisible!
All Tools and Armor (Vanilia)
All tools and Armor from other of my addons:
There is aslo a Secret Tool the Vein miner pickaxe:
It mines all ores (Normal and Deepslate)
You can also Upgrade it with 8 Furnaces to get an Autosmelt Version! (However you won't get 100% o what you mined)
The Addons its Compatible with:
Minecraft Better +

Thinks to know:
This uses Player.json so its not compatible with other Addons or many Addons

A Bug with Autosmelt is that with Vein Miner and Big Furnace Axe Will not always drop 100% Of ores or Logs
Hope you Enjoy this Addon :)))))))


turn on Experimental Gameplay Features
Turn language  on English

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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