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Hard Pillage (Evoker Boss Update)

Hard Pillage (Evoker Boss Update)
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Welcome too the Hard Pillage! Make Minecraft Raid become harder and abnormal! :D. Also this is will be a harder raid because every stage of Raid, the mob will increased! This addon add so many mobs! So i only screenshot the level of all raid!

Stage 1 : this level maybe not really Hard if you play together with village guard addon or other people, but this level add melee pillager and Hard Pillager! It make so hard!
Stage 2 : Now More HARD!, because there is a new piglin and other mobs! Also new vindicator! This insane!
Stage 3 :Ok this is maybe insane because the Ravager now was coming!and other Hard Pillage mobs! 
Stage 4 : Hard Pillage And Witches now work together too kill your villager and you! And new evoker mob with red shirt and Can summon vexes and tnt! 
Als new mobs join the raid!
Armored Raid Level!
Add new mob at 1.3 (26/06/2021)
Armored Pillagers, and Heavy Ravager
Add new mob at 1.4 = the horseman illager
Added NEW Mob in 1.5 = The Illager Healer!
Hey! New buffed mobs : Evoker, Vindicator and etc! More dangerous! :)
Improvement for Iceologer! Textures and iceblock spawn choices
Removed New Iceologer and Fireologer
Texture by me :3
Added Outlaws Illagers, and unused animation
Outlaws Pillager

Meet the Mage Illager!
Meet the Mountaineer Illager!
We add some many mobs, maybe 5!
Illager Warrior, Reaper Illager, Illager Castor, Geomancer Illager, Miner Illager (Concept).
Please forgive us, we deleted the hard pillage raid for some reason, because stupid subscriber give the wrong code.... 
So Let us work it in part 2 of hard pillage 1st ANNIVERSARY
1.11 Update! 
Add :Armored Evoker, Armored Iceologer, Re add: Iceologer Old, Add : Armored Pillager Iron
Fixed issue аbout:Incompatible Behavior Pack
Piglin Update out now! 
Add Evocation Piglin mob
Hard.1.13 added new mobs :
Cowboy Pillager and Cowboy Vindicator! Next Outlaws Update will add more!
Evoker Boss Update 1.14!
Play and beat Evoker Boss if you can! :)
Hard Pillage 1.15 Hallowagger Update! 
Happy Halloween! 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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