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Hutchies Exotic Pumpkins

Hutchies Exotic Pumpkins
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on adds many real pumpkins. And yes, they are all real pumpkins. From blue to green to even red and yellow. There is a lot more of pumpkin to choose from.

This adds a lot of different types of pumpkins and jack o lanterns. You can obtain these from an exotic trader with all the things such as cocoa beans and rare items. The exotic traders can be found in dark oak forest and swamps. To make carved pumpkins just put the pumpkin you want on a crafting table in the middle. Some pumpkins have special carvings. You make those within the pumpkin in a crafting grid. To make a jack o lantern put a torch to the right of the pumpkin and left if it is a special carve.
Here are all of the pumpkins
mixed,green and orange tiger striped pumpkins
Blue doll and porcelain doll pumpkins
Mellow yell pumpkin 
Jasper pumpkin 
Cucurbita maxium pumpkin
Baby boo and baby bear pumpkins
 Black Fuji pumpkin 
Blaze pumpkin
Long Island cheese pumpkin
Queens land blue pumpkin 
Jarahdale pumpkin
Knuckle head pumpkin 
Marie di chigia pumpkin
Kobacha pumpkin

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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