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Dipslers UHC Addon

Dipslers UHC Addon
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Hello, this is my UHC addon. If you don't know what UHC is its basically a last player standing gamemdoe where all players fight to the death. Basically players spawn in a survival world with a few starter items. They have a few minutes to gather resources and fight. Except there is one twist NATURAL REGEN is OFF! Thats right, players must craft potions and make golden apples to regen health. This UHC addon makes creating the game easy and fast. Simply load in a invite your friends so a amazing experience.

Welcome to Dipslers UHC addon, where starting a professional UHC has never been easier! 
First you will need to create a world with these settings.
2nd you will need to turn on Experimental Gameplay! (note: Caves and Cliffs is optional!
3rd you need to download the pack and apply it under behavior packs. 
Once you did the first 3 steps, you are able to create the world. After you have loaded in the world type 
/function install
"/function install" will automatically create the waiting area for players to join! You can wait in the lobby endlessly.
Once all players are in you are ready to start. Type
/function rules
"/function rules" will read all the players there preset rules. It should look like this!
Once all players read the rules you can start the UHC!
Head over to the side of the lobby can change the 3 command players to match how many players you have in the game.
Those are the three command blocks. The one on the far left you need the change the last number in the command to how many players there are in the game that are playing! After changing the far left command please press all three buttons. Once completed just type
/function start
This will start the game! After the game is started the rule set it simple:
  • First heal and PVP ON at 10 minute mark
  • Final heal and deathmatch at 35 minute mark
  • All players will get teleported to deathmatch at 35 minute mark
  • The border stays at 500x500, players trying to leave will get poison!
Sometimes the player count will go off meaning not all those players are alive! To fix this type /scoreboard players set @a Alive 10. You need to change the number "10" to how many players are actually alive!
If you need help on how to properly work my addon please follow this video!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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