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The Wild Update Concept! (1.19) V1.1

The Wild Update Concept! (1.19) V1.1
Addons for Minecraft PE
Can't Wait for 1.19?The Deep DarkAnd So on? FEAR NOT!!!This Addon adds the Features from 1.19 (Atleast some of them) DISCLAIMER:If you have the Caves and cliffs toggle on The Deep Dark spawnsIf not the new Birch Forest will spawn! However other things will still spawn! 

Lets just begin..
First off the Deep Dark! 
A Cave Biome spawning under Y=0
It has 4 new Mobs and 2 new Structures
The Deep Dark Castle and Dungeon
The Castle also has a lot of stuff to explore!
The Sculkefied Bee spawns in the Deep dark and attacks the player
They Do a lot of damage too and a fire Immune
The Sculkefied zombie also spawns there and is also fire immunne
And so the Sculkefied Skeleton
This one drops Sculkefied Bones which can be made into Sculkefied Bonemeal which is like bonemeal just with Sculk
The Zombie Drops Sculkefied Rotten flesh which gives slowness instead of Hunger but also gives more Hunger points
And the Sculk Ant which is quiet annoying
HOWEVER you can make Sculkerium Armor out of sculkerium Ingot made from sculkerium
sculkerium Ore needs an Stone Pickaxe to be mined and drops sculkerium
which can be made into sculkerium Ingots
The Armor Prevents Sculk Mobs to attack you
Sculkerium can be used to make the Shrieker and Catalyst
The 6 New Sculk Blocks are:
The Sculk Block
Sculk Catalyst
Sculk Shrieker
Sculk Vine
Sculk Jaw
The Sculk Shrieker and Catalyst Works the Same as shown in Minecraft Live
The Sculk Jaw will Eat you when stepping on it (DOESN'T DEAL DAMAGE YET)
The Sculk vines can be used to make Sculk Mossy Bricks
sculkstone can be turns into Sculkstone bricks
And Also there is Sculkshroom and Sculk Plant which have no use at all :)
Next is Mud and Mud bricks (MUD TEXTURE HAS CHANGED!!!)
New Mud texture:
And Also Mudballs which can be thrown
There are also Sculkstone Ores
Now the Biomes:
Hollow Logs 
And Also Pebbles :))
And now this spawns sometimes (Spawns kinda buggy thru)
Also I have added the Brush! Same thing as Minecraft Live 2020
Now Cobblestone and Cobbled deeplsate Spawns natrually
The Whole Birch Biome is really nice looking (again only spawns if Caves and Cliffs toggle are Off bc Mc broke it!)
This is everything for the V1
It took me quiet long to make So hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!


Install it!

With Caves and cliffs toggle:
Deep Dark!
No new Birch Biome

new Birch Biome 
no deep dark

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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