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DOOM Eternal Rebooted Addon

DOOM Eternal Rebooted Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds many demons, weapons, and items, from the game, DOOM ETERNALThe addon has many mobs, guns, blocks, and more.  


These mobs were hostile they spawn in Nether or the HellLands Biome.
They were weaker, stronger, or toughest.
List to 10 Demons, becuz this addon has to many mobs.
  1. Archville: Very dangerous and spams demons and fire.
  2. Arachnotron: some brain boi with legs
  3. Imp: shoots
  4. Mancubus: fat demon that shoots
  5. Cacodemon: flying and shooting
  6. Pain Elemental: flying meatball
  7. Hell Knight: smashing demon
  8. Baron of Hell: some charging demon.
  9. Tyrant
  10. Doom Hunter


The biomes replace savana and birch biome due to hell invasion. 
  1. HellLands Biome
  1. Ashed Biome


Powerful mobs are very tough they have 2 stages.
A normal one, and the Phase 2
Health: 500
Khan Maykr:
Health: 900
Icon of Sin:
Health: 1000

Human Soldiers:

These UAC Guard Soldiers protect the facility.
The variants are Commander and normal.
They have color schemes Gray and Red.

Blocks Armor and Items 

They are many blocks in the addon.
to obtain all, /give @a cc:crate_box to get all the blocks.
Weapons and Items:
The’re many weapons in this addon.
  1. BFG-9000
  2. Super Shotgun
  3. Crucible
  4. Chaingun
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Slayer Blade
  7. Grappling Hook
If you want to be a Doom Slayer in minecraft, 
This addon has slayer armor.
very tough.


How to download this addon
  1. Download Both resource pack, and behavior pack
  2. Apply both of them in world settings.
  3. Turn on all Experimental Features.
  4. Enjoy :)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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