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Villager vs Pillager Addon Replicas

Villager vs Pillager Addon Replicas
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This addon was inspired by Alien Being's series, Villager vs Pillager Life. In this addon I added a lot of mobs from the series and make the game even harder. 

Health Points- 80
Attacks- Evoker attacks (fang attacks and vexs). In addition, he can also summon enchanted iron golem and also can use the backup attack to summon friendly pillagers and friendly vindicators 
Can trade- yes
Can open doors- yes
Villoker's defensive skills: 
  1. Invisible shield for 360 seconds after he spawned
  2. Absorption hearts (golden hearts)
  3. Any Attack deals less damage to him.
  • Example- Diamond sword with Sharpness 4 can deal up to 4 hearts to him.
  • explanation- Villoker can reduce the damage it receives

Information about him: 
A villager with evoker powers that can control over life and death. In the series, he have displayed during his childhood, and he defeated the raid of the illagers' leader on his village. And brings peace to the world. And later he even brought together the villagers and the illagers. 

Villoker's Trades: 


Villoker compared to standard villager: 


Other Mobs:
1. Friendly Pillagers: 

 Pillagers that joined the villagers side, helping villoker save other villages from the illagers.

2. Friendly Vindicators: 

 Vindicators that joined the villagers side, helping villoker save other villages from the illagers. They use axes to attack

3. Vindo: 

 The son of the evil doctor(scientist) and Villoker's best friend. In the series, he created the vaccine for covid 19(coronavirus) and saved the village from death

4. Old Villagers: 

 The villagers before they have been changed in the 1.14 update (The new villagers are there too, I didn't replace their texture) 

5. Vindicator Doctor:

 The evil genius who designed all the inventions for the illagers. In addition, he also has good relationships with the witches. 

6. The Pillager Captain: 
 The leader of the illagers, a tactical genius who designed all the raids of the illagers on the villages. (If you throw a illager banner next to him, he'll take it and put it on his back/head) 
7. Derp Pillagers: 
The derp pillagers are a dumber version of the normal pillagers, but instead of crossbows they have hoes and axes
 8. Derp Vindicators: 
Derp vindicators are a dumber version of the normal vindicator
9. Friendly Ravager: 
Friendly Ravagers are a new type of ravager, you can control their movement with warped fungus on a stick, and if you want that they will attack then stop holding the bait. You can heal them with cooked meat and warped fungus. 
10. Nitwitch
Nitwitch is the main character in Villager & Witch Life and Villager vs Zombie Life. You can find him in the friendly patrols. He can also spawn iron golems
Nitwitch Trades: 
11. Ice Golem
The Ice Golem is a little stronger version of the normal Iron Golem, this version will give his target the slowness effect when he hit his target successfully
12. Captain Illusioner
The Captain pillager was revived by the vindicator doctor with a special potion. As a result, he became an illusioner. And as illusioner, he can create clones of himself and he can also shot three slowness arrows instead of one normal arrow
13. Ice Ravager
In addition to the Captain pillager, the vindicator doctor also revived the ravager, resulting in it becoming an ice ravager, a stronger version of the regular ravager
Artifacts & Weapons: 
Totem of Healing
Can heal any non-monster mob within 5 blocks radius from the user
Totem of Fangs Shield: 
Creates the defensive attack of the evoker (fangs shield). Be careful when using it because you can accidentally hurt yourself while using the totem. 
Totem of Fangs Attack: 
Totem of Fangs Attack is mimicing the attack of the evoker, it can be very useful in a fight
Totem of Vexs: 
The Totem of Vexs is a special totem that can summon 3 friendly vexs
Enchanter's Tome: 
The Enchanter's Tome is an artifact added in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Howling Peaks, where it is used to give allies various buffs. You can also use it to enchant iron golems
Soul Knife: 
The Soul Knife is a melee weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. Its unique variants are the Eternal Knife and the Truthseeker
Backup Summoner:
The Backup Summoner simulates villoker's ability to summon friendly pillagers and friendly vindicators 
Villoker features that have: 
Recruiting mobs when needed: 

Holding His Trades: 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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