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Tanzanite Stuff Pack

Tanzanite Stuff Pack
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Tanzanite stuff pack is a small minecraft bedrock add-on developed and created by Goosegameler. The add-on is about a gem that I have transformed into weapons, tools, trees, blocks and materials. This is how Tanzanite Stuff pack was born

You now know the little story of the add-on. But what is important now is what and what features the add-on has and what can be new. Let's start with the: 
Tanzanite ore:
 This ore is generated in every minecraft world from height 22 in about 1-2 blocks. It drops about 2 to 9 Tanzanite slivers and 1 to 2 Tanzanite. It is only generated in the overworld 
 Tanzanite is a gemstone that can only be obtained from the tanzanite ore. you can use it to make slivers and weapons or tools 
Tanzanite sliver: 
 you build tanzanite out of these little things 
Tanzanite tools:
 Sword, ax, pickaxe, shovel and hoe. They added to your collection of tools and are more stable and better than anything else. 
Tanzanite Sapling:
 A gigantic tree with blue-purple leaves grows out of this small shoot of nature, which is a specimen of nature. He's sure to drop one or two tanzanite berries. 
Tanzanite liquid:
 Brewed from a drop of tanzanite ?? if that tastes good you can try it ... Thick and purple? ... 
Tanzanite berry:
 A small partially sweet berry from a tanzanite tree. well a little lil's fruit what can be wrong with it? It is heavy in the stomach. 
Tanzanite block:
This heavy block made of hard tanzanite is not so bad as a piece of jewelry, but it has no effect ... 
So I think that was the first time all the important things you should know. Oh no wait, I have something else: The durability of the tools and the sword is 1,200 durability pretty strong right? A little developer tip: try the berry and the liquid, not they are heavy in the stomach ... Well, if you have any questions, please report them in the comments or bugs below. 


How to Install and Use the Add-On:
  1. Click on the Download link
  2. Download the file
  3. Open the file with minecraft
  4. You create a New World / or add the addon to an World
  5. Make sure that you have activate
   6. Than create your World an habe fun :)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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