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Nightmares of the Halloween

Nightmares of the Halloween
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The Halloween in Minecraft isn't spooky if there are no creepy things in it. So I created this Addon which brings you some of the monsters and ghosts for the Halloween. In this I added a new biome which is called the Nightmare biome. It is more like a nightmare filled with monsters. There are custom new mobs and new features that create it even more creepy.

The Nightmare biome:
The Nightmare biome is a place where you meet creepy monsters from your scary dreams. The biome has a lot of new features including the Red Moon. 
Scarecrows are creepy looking creatures which came to life by the magic of the Halloween. These mobs mostly move in a group. 
Candy Demon:
The Nightmares bring you to a different world where even your favorite things have turned to spooky monsters. These candy demon are small but creepy looking candies which can be easily killed if you no fear. They drop candies after death.
Killer Clown:
Everyone in their childhood are scared of these creepy clowns right? So these killers will roam in the Nightmare biome looking for preys. Especially looking for little children. 
This big green creature roams in the Nightmare breaking every block while walking. It is scared of the day and burns to death.
These blood sucking monsters spawn at night with many bats. These creatures prefer shade and burn when it is day.
Michael Myers:
The killer of the Halloween, Michael Myers is one of the famous killers and is pretty scary. On the other hand he is a killer who kills on Halloween. Michael Myers has a very less percent chance to spawn bit is very scary if found.
The Spooky Gourdian:
Since Minecraft dungeons released a new dlc for the Halloween so I decided to take this character for my Addon. The Spooky Gourdian has a less percent chance to spawn. He summons his army of pumpkin scarecrows and weilds a skull sytche. 
When killed he drops the Horror of the Halloween which  can be used to craft the skull sytche. 
Tools and equipments:
There is a variety of new tools and equipments that are spooky and cool looking at the same time.
Spooky Hunger Armor:
This armor is pretty strong and can be crafted by nightmarentine crystals. This armor protects you from many damages and gives you strength and resistance.
The killer Cosplay: this is the cosplay of the greatest killer of the Halloween.
Grim Cosplay: this cosplay makes you look similar to the death himself.
The killer's knife: this knife is pretty sharp and is used by Michael Myers.
Candy: which kid doesn't love candy. It is the main part of the Halloween. Candy gives you regeneration when you eat it.
Choco Bar: chocolate bars give you normal saturation just like the bread.
The Skull sytche: After the Spooky Gourdian's defeat, you can craft the skull sytche which is extremely strong enough to harvest your enemy's soul. 
 Extra items:
All the new things that is used more as a resource: the nightmarentine crystals which can be found as a ore in the caves at 0 to 16 level. The Nightmare sand which is the top material of the Nightmare biome.


Make sure to turn on these experiments if you want the addon to work.
Then turn on both resource and behavior pack and then create your world. It is preferable to create a new world.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.7
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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