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Undeadcraft Beta 1.0

Undeadcraft Beta 1.0
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Zombies are pretty boring, no? Well, What if they could build bridges, mine through blocks, or use potions just to kill you? If you like the idea this addon does exactly that, with better IA and improved animations this will make your basic vanilla zombies way better.

Addons about zombies are almost the same every time, they add resident evil like zombies, zombies with illogical abilities like spitfire and summon minions, or in the worst case, they just add buffed reskins of the vanilla zombie. I´m pretty tired that almost no one tries to make a vanilla-like addon about zombies, so that´s why I made this, and addon with challenging zombies but that tries to keep certain logical about what zombies can do, this is just an early beta, I´m planning to add way more stuff in the future, so feel free to suggest anything, and if like this, stay tuned for next updates and share the addon with your friends, that would mean a lot to me.

What´s new?

For now, this addon only adds new animations and 6 variants to the vanilla zombie and husk, but of really high quality (or at least I think that)


Improved Animations

Starting with the animations I added the basics for a mob, walk, run, and attack animations, but also some extra details like blinking eyes, moving head, animation when being hurt, custom death animation, etc, all make zombies feel more "alive" if you know what I mean, you can see them in the video above and the next one showcasing the variants

Ender Pearl User Zombie

The most boring of all the zombie variants I made, when their target is too far, it uses an ender pearl to reach it, with this they can take the player by surprise, but also like players the ender pearl deals damage to the zombie, so after 2 or 3 you should be able to kill them on one hit with a good sword.

Potion User Zombie

This zombie uses potions to buff itself in battle, speed, strength, fire resistance, and sometimes even invisibility potions, they will drink all their arsenal when a target appears. Also can heal themselves with instant damage potions, so are harder to kill, I almost made them throw splash and lingering potions but I think we have enough potion spammers with witches already, even with that these zombies can be really challenging, especially if they decide to become invisible.

Miner Zombie

Miner Zombies can mine through stone, wood, dirt and other materials depending on the tool they have, they are smart enough to mine stairs if is necessary, even if you burry yourself they can just dig and kill you, so you have to think about how to protect your base against this zombies, miner zombies with diamond pickaxes are really rare, so for walls and such thinks is better use obsidian. This may look like it doesn't have sense, but Minecraft zombies are kinda smart, they can even ride animals and use tridents to kill you, so I think it shouldn't be so hard for some of them to learn how to use a pickaxe

Builder Zombie

And if we have zombies able to break blocks, we also need zombies able to place them. Builder Zombies carry dirt and use it to build bridges and stairs to reach their target, building a small tower to keep you self won´t work with these guys, they can even build between mountains if they need to.

Tackler Zombie (Open to suggestions for a better name)

Tackler Zombies have really strong legs, which made them the fastest zombies, only beyond baby zombies. But that´s not its only trick .If they are far enough they will leap at their target and trap it midair, dragging it with them, so if  you´re close to a pit or a lava pool and suddenly you see a zombie running really fast at you if better you dodge in time, they can also reach you even if you´re over a 3 block tall tower, so be careful with this guys

Some minor changes and notes

  • All zombies and husk can see you through blocks, this will be specific to some variants once the addon is completed
  • Zombies will turn into husks if they stay enough time under sun light, the chance to become a husk before dying incrises with the difficulty, but even after transformed they will keep its same health, so it should be easier to kill them than the naturally generated husk
  • Zombies and husk, including their variants, replaced for a unique entity, with the id "udc:zombie", the multiple spawn eggs are only to summon specific variants, which is important to consider if you use commands in your world.

Planned Changes

  • Add an archer zombie (Maybe)
  • Zombie Horseman and other Mini-boss variants
  • Add more common variants (I´m open to suggestions)
  • Improve zombie villagers, drowned, zombie piglins and zombie horses
  • Add Husk Villagers and Drowned Villagers with the improved animations and the different skins villagers have depending of the biome and their work
  • Add zombified variants to most of the passive mobs, and made zombies attack them
  • Add zombie hordes
  • Make the player able to be zombified
  • Improve phantoms

Installation details

  • Download and install both the behavior and resource packs
  • Enable all of these experiments in your world, server, or realm, you can find tutorials on youtube for the last two, otherwise, the addon won´t work properly.
  • Enable the behavior pack in your world, the resources pack will be activated automatically
  • Open your world and enjoy the addon

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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