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Copper Golem Addon

Copper Golem Addon
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This addon will introduce not only the recently announced and dismissed Copper golem from this year's mob vote, but also a new golem statue as well as many other game mechanics.

To craft the copper golem, you will need one block of copper, one carved pumpkin and one lightning rod placed as shown in the image. This will give you the Copper Golem item.

Copper Golem 
The Copper Golem is a passive mob, it won't attack or run while being attacked by players. It will press randomly ONLY OAK BUTTONS placed on walls, the random interval between each interaction with buttons will depend on the golem's stage, of which there are 4.

Copper Golem first stage
During this stage the golem will move at a speed of 0.25, it will press buttons once every one to two minutes. Just as a copper block, it will take aproximatley 15 minecraft days to evolve to the next stage.

Copper Golem second stage (Exposed)
It will move at a speed of 0.22(a little bit slower than before), it will press buttons in a random interval of 5-7 minutes. 

Copper Golem third stage (Weathered)
It will move at a speed of 0.19 and it will press buttons in a random interval of 10-15 minutes. This is the last stage before becoming a statue.

Copper Golem statue (Oxidized)
When a copper Golem becomes fully oxidized it transforms into a statue, the statue is actually a block, which can be removed and relocated anywhere else. 

During thunderstorms the statue will act as a lightning rod, as long as there are non-solid blocks above it. The electric spark particle effect will show that it's working. When struck by lightning the golem will deoxidize and go back to the first stage. 

You can Wax the Golem at any stage with a honeycomb, this means that it will stop aging and won't change from its current stage. 



Download the mcaddon file and double click on it to start the import. 
When creating a world, make sure you have enabled the "Holiday Creator Features" as well as "Upcoming Creator Features".
Finally activate the add-on  by adding the behaviour and resource pack to the active packs.


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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