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Minecraft Better Plus [5.0] Big Update!

Minecraft Better Plus [5.0] Big Update!
Addons for Minecraft PE
Ya know?These Addons which add a few new items blocks or mobs to Minecraft? Or some just new Generation?Well THIS ADDON ADDS ALL OF IT!And even new Redstone blocks. Yes you heard me right ;)This Addon will have many features (All Survival Friendly) in all updates.Hope ya like it

First The Wrench.
This will Rotate Certain Blocks
Next the Chisel.
Pretty Easy to craft and onky mines Stone+VERY LOW Durability
When Mining it gives XP
Next the Magnet (Pull and Push)
The Blue one when interacting pull nerby items to you (Still W.I.P)
Where the Red pulls them away
Then we have Cobalt red and Blue Chestplate,
The Blue Chestplate Drags items to you and the red Pulls them away. In the End they will set you on Fire.
After that we have Cobalt Blue and Red.
They Spawn natrually and are like Redstone.
Can be mined with Iron pickaxe+
The Cobalt Red Block also Pulls item Away when they are nearby where the Blue Block pills them to the Cobalt blue Block.
When Shearing a Jeb_ Sheep it drops rainbow Wool.This can be made to Rainbow Carpets
NOW the Dispenser Upgrade.
This when Placed makes Dispenser Place Gravity Blocks like Anvil in a 30 Block radius
After that we now have a few Tweaks.
First Brewing stands/Furnaces and Stone tools now can be made with Granit/Andesite,etc
then you can craft Breed with 2 insteed of 3 wheat
Doors can now be crafted like this (Every door)
And Golden Carrot give Night vision
Now we got the Glow Lamps. Can be turned off and on when interacting and they are crafted like this:
Now the Mob Note blocks. Just the heads next the Noteblock in the crafting table and when interacting it makes the mob sound
All crafted like this:
When crafting and then trying to place it it will give you the block. so you can place them in any diraction.
Now some new blocks.
Polished Netherrack and Soulsand Stone blocks 
A new Stone type!
This can be found in the End
you can make  blocks out of it like normal stone.
A new Stone block aswell.
Stone Pavements. (up)
Crafting recipe:
Just 4 Ink sacs (Glow) it drops 2-4 Glow ink sacs their are on the pic with the Pavements

Now the last  Blocks...
Lets start it shall we?

the WOODEN TRANSPORTER (Chnage its Diraction by interacting with it)
this is how they work:
When a Item is on it or on the oppsite side where its facing it will transport the item where its facing. (A downside is you gotta place blocks under+next it sometimes)
Now we got a Redstone block.
This only activates when a player is on it:
Crafted like a Normal Pressure plate just with 2 Obisidan (Wanted to show the Gif but MCDL doesn't let me) can be broken by interacting with it
a new redstone item.
The Weather detector.
This has 3 made.
Rain (Also detects Thunder)
And Clear 
Sneak and interact to get it back and only interact to change its mode


The pulsing Redstone Block!
This randomly ammits a Redstone Signal (Same with Obsidian can be broken by interacting with it)
NOW you can make Pressure plates out of:
A WoodenCutter! (Same as Stone cutter. Just with wood)
There are also some small features like a Sugar cane block or such. Or also Tweaks!
There are also Iron Plates which rust!
These Aslo can be waxed. But the more rusty they are. The stronger their are.
Empzy,slightly filled and almost filled Bookshelfs are now in. you can fill box in them (Interact with books on them) 

you can also make Bookshelfs out of every wood type now

Changed also the Textures of some blocks:



'This block can be Redstone Powered. If so it will transform blocks 

lava -> Cobblestone

 Magma block -> Netherrack

 Water -> Ice 

 Packed ice -> Blue ice Fire ->


Soul fire/fire -> Air

Lava infested Iron block -> Iron block

It has Particles so you know when its Active. It only gets active with Redstone Blocks or Redstone wires
Another 2 new Redstone blocks are:
The Sneak detetcor
The Moving Detector
these 2 can be crafted and make an Signal when:
Sneak Detector: When a player Sneaks
Moving detector:When a Player Moves (You can sneak so it doesn't activate)
the next is a new block:
The Golden Chains:

You get 3 Chains now from Crafting btw.
The Golden Chains are crafted like normal Chains (Just with Gold)

The next Block is the Termite Nest:
Will spawn in Savanns.
When breaking it spawns 10-12 Termites


all Bloks/items recipes are in the Survival menu meaning you don't have to worry about that. If still here all recipes:


  1. Moobloom,Moobcorn,moolium and Wither bloom
These Spawn natrualy.
They give Special Milk.
The Witherblooms Milk can be made to make Wither roses:
Next are the Termites.
These ONLY spawn per Termite nest.
These will go on logs and eat wood. however they have a 1/5 Chance of completly eating the log.
They drop planks when they chew on it
They are really tiny and can be one hitted
NEXT the Stone lings.
They have Overworld, Nether and End Variant.
The Overworld variant have:


The Nether has:

The End has:
End Stone (Not tameable at the moment)
They can be Tamed out of the stone in their dimenion.
So the Nether Stonelings can be tamed with Netherrack and Blackstone and Basalt.
Where the Overworld one can be tamed with Tuff,deepslate stone,etc
If tamed you can let them sit.
They also can spawn ores (Nether ores if they are the Nether Variant] they replace them with Stone or netherrack.
Diamond has a 1% Chance of them actauly spawning it. That only happens when they are tamed!
They are REALLY Weak but attack everything (Exept Passiv mobs and players and Creepers)
The last mob...
The Molten Zombie.
This Zombie spawns in the Nether and the Overworld.
It can drop Lava infested Iron ingot which can made into a sword and blocks and nugets.
You can put the Lava infested Iron Block next the Freezer so it becomes an normal Iron block.
The Molten Zombie also spawns when a Normal Zombie is in lava.
IT CAN'T Wear Armor or Tools since its so hot it melts it instantly
Easter egg:
Just name a Moo Mob "Dj" :)
A little tweak:
You can craft Chainmail Armor out of Chains now.
3 New Mobs!

Zombiefied Evoker/Vindicator And Pillager
These Spawn randomly.
But are very Deadly
Vindicator and Pillager are the same as the Zombiefied
But the Zombie Evoker is Special
He only spawns in Hard mode and can Spawn all zombie mobs and Vexes and Normal Fangs
However they do Burn in Sunlight
Another new Mob is the Bouldering zombie
For now its just a normal Zombie
The Same goes to the Huskeleton (Just that it is like a skeleton and doesn't burn in dayligh)
Another new Feature is the Charged Wither Skeleton
(Also Wither Skeletons now spawn in soul sand Valleys)
These spawn rather in a 1/100 Chance instead of an Wither skeleton Or when a Wither skeleton is on soul fire
They are so Deadly that they can 1 Shoot the player if you have no Armor
HOWEVER they have a higher chance of dropping a skull.
Also if we are talking about wither skeletons
A new Feature is Wither bones!
Dropped from Wither skeleton and can be made into Wither bonemeal and Wither bone block
I wouldn't use the wither bonemeal  on your farm however-
There is also a new Wither skeleton Fosil which spawns in soulsand valleys.

Another new Feature is Storage Barrels
The recipe is simple.
Also you can get the items back from breaking the block
The normal Barrels are just crafted with 1 Plank in the middle and any food stuff you want (Not all is there)

Golden Apple
Sweet berries

Another thing is new Crops!
1. Strawberry Bushes
These spawn randomly in your world and if they have a strawberry on them you can interact and get the strawberries
2. Apple Leaves. Spawn Randomly on trees and they have 4 stages. interact the 4 stage and get 4 apples 
3. Blueberry bushes
These spawn everywhere and drop Blueberries
4. Tomatoes
Tomato seeds you can get by killing Zombies
All of these can be bonemealed
new ores are:
Prismarine Ore
Prismarine Crystal Ore
Lava infested Iron ore
They can only be mined with an iron Pickaxe or higher
Another new Feature is the drill
Interact and its miner goes up/Down
It destroys everything exept Bedrock and the blocks above Bedrock
The drill breaks itself when trying to mine it

Another new Feature is the Pot
 Give it the items disblaed on and then a recipe book (which you get from trading with a butcher)
New Pavement Textures btw 

The last Feature is!
JARS!!! They come in all Colors and can store 5 stacks of items in them
Break them by sneaking and punching Or just break it
Known bug: Sometimes (I kinda fixed it but idk if it still can happen) The Stuff in the Jars can drop out and you can't store any items in them.
That can be fixed by breaking and replacing it
a few Tweaks: Husks/Stray spawn in caves under their biomes
You an pet Wolves by sneaking and interacting
This is all for today!!

Also Join my Discord For info about Mb+! And even for Betas and polls of it and to give suggestion
Now to be Fair V5 Adds WAY TOO many Features So I can't list them all
Just here some in game features :)


Download it
Make sure your lanuge (idk how to spell lol) to english
Also turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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