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'92 Autozam AZ-1

'92 Autozam AZ-1
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Here’s something new for the MCPE car market, a kei-class car, a category of cars that are not only small and compact in size, but also powered by engines with a displacement of less than 650cc. And because this is the first kei-car project for MCPE to be made, I decided we start of with one of the most (if not most) famous kei car out there. The Autozam AZ-1, a kei car produced by Mazda’s Autozam brand in a joint-venture with Suzuki from 1992 until 1994. Powered by Suzuki’s 657cc turbocharged inline-3 engine, the AZ-1 was able to produce around 64hp (47kW) at 6500 rpm. When placed into the lightweight body of the AZ-1, brings the total weight of the AZ-1 to just about 720kg. This, with the help of the 64hp produced by the engine, allows the AZ-1 to reach a (limited) top speed of 140km/h. While these values aren’t too impressive when compared to other cars outside of it’s category, that’s not what make the AZ-1 and in general, kei cars, special. It’s compact size makes it fun and easy to drive, not to mention stands out from all the other cars on the road. And as a bonus for the AZ-1, you get fancy gullwing doors so now not only do you have a cool, fun and unique ride, you get to get out of the car and make a much cooler appearance. Ery naice^2

• Car History

".The Autozam AZ-1, known by the framecode PG6SA, is a mid-engined kei-class sports car, designed and manufactured by Mazda under its Autozam brand. Suzuki provided the engine as well as the inspiration for the design. Manufactured from October 1992 to October 1994, the AZ-1 was noted for its gullwing doors. Power came from the same Suzuki-sourced 657 cc turbocharged engine used by the Mazda Carol that produced [...]"Wikipedia

• Car details

Has low-mid speed2 seatsadvanced animations (explained below) and advanced sounds (also explained below).

• Car colors

Has 1 variant, consisting of 3 color options and 2 versions which have the same color as one of the 3 main options but with different wheel colors.
Siberia Blue - Black wheels
Siberia Blue - Silver wheels
Classic Red - Black wheels
Classic Red - Silver wheels

Extra Images

Rear profile
Front badge

Render pics


• How to open the doors & How to open the hood

To OPEN the doors, right click the car and the doors will open. Right click again to get in.
To CLOSE the doors, right click WHILE shifting/crouching.
I've made a video showing how it's done so if you don't understand words, you can check that video out. The car used in the vid is the Integra DC2 I made a while back, but that shouldn't be a problem as the concept of opening and closing the doors is the same as this car (Autozam AZ-1)

• Advanced sounds

In total there are 5 sound effects for the cars. The list are as follows:
Startup sound effect - When the player sits in the car
Driving sound effect - When the player drives the car
Custom car damage sound - When the car is damaged / takes a hit 
Door closing sound effect - When the player closes the door
Door opening sound effect - When the player opens the door

This addon DOES NOT REQUIRE (any type of..) EXPERIMENTAL MODE.

• How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn eggs. You can search "Autozam" or "AZ-1"  without the " for a more convenient way of getting them.”
Method 2: Use /summon commands:
/summon autozamaz1:blue1           ....(Silver wheels)
/summon autozamaz1:blue21         ....(Black wheels)
/summon autozamaz1:red1             ....(Silver wheels)
/summon autozamaz1:red21           ....(Black wheels)
/summon autozamaz1:white1


• Confused about the download links?

So basically,
Win10High speed version, suitable for race track maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.535)
Mobile Lowered speed version, suitable for small city maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.435
Mobile RevisedLowest speed versionDoes not have the ability to open the hood (but this model for this addon doesn’t have an engine bay anyways so you can ignore this)Recommended for mobile users [lag reduction, easier to control](Minecraft speed of 0.355)


1) All the downloads below contain both the Behavior Pack (BP) and the Resource Pack (RP).

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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