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'91 Honda Beat

'91 Honda Beat
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Ever wanted a compact, fun, fast and not to mention reliable and cheap to maintain convertible? Introducing the Honda Beat, a convertible Kei-car that has all those characteristics. The Beat was a Kei-car that overshadowed most other Kei-cars of the time, and for a reason. It was fast, reliable and just looked sporty which caught many people’s attention. Smol, and sporty. But what made it distinctively unique was that it was mid-engined, an engine layout typically only used in most supercars. And there's more to that than from just appearance. The handling of the Beat was in a whole league of its own - it’s suspension was designed for sporty driving. That, applied with it’s electronically limited top speed of 140km/h, makes driving this small little machine, one hella fun car to drive.

• Car History

"The Honda Beat is a rear wheel drive, mid-engined two-seat roadster kei car produced from May 1991 to February 1996. The Beat was the last car to be approved by Soichiro Honda before he died in 1991. The total number of cars produced was around 33,600. Most of the production (around two-thirds) occurred in the first year, and then [...]"Wikipedia

• Car details

Has low-mid speed2 seatsadvanced animations (explained below) and advanced sounds (also explained below).

• Car colors

Has 2 variant, consisting of 5 colors and 1 livery.
Carnival Yellow
Emerald Green
Festival Red
Captiva Blue Pearl
Blade Silver Metallic
Spoon Sports Tuned + Livery

Extra Images

Rear profile

• How to open the doors & How to take off softtop

i) Doors
To OPEN the doorsright click the car and the doors will open. Right click again to get in.
To CLOSE the doorsright click WHILE shifting/crouching.
ii) Softtop
To TAKE OFF the softtopright click WHILE shifting/crouching WHEN the doors are closed and the softtop will open!
To PLACE BACK the softtopright click WHILE shifting/crouching.
In a nutshell, the concept is basically;
Right click/hold + Shift/crouchClose/take off the softtop and close doors
Right click ONLYOpen doors and to get in car ... (once the car's doors are open)

I've made a video showing how it's done so if you don't understand words, you can check that video out. The car in the video used is my previous Datsun 240z addon which shouldn't be a problem as the concept (animations, door and hood mechanics (in this case softtop mechanics) and sound effects) are the same for this addon (‘91 Honda Beat).

• Advanced sounds

In total there are 5 sound effects for the cars. The list are as follows:
Startup sound effect - When the player sits in the car
Driving sound effect - When the player drives the car
Custom car damage sound - When the car is damaged / takes a hit 
Door closing sound effect - When the player closes the door
Door opening sound effect - When the player opens the door

This addon DOES NOT REQUIRE (any type of..) EXPERIMENTAL MODE.

• How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn eggs. You can search "Beat" or "Honda"  without the " for a more convenient way of getting them.”
Method 2: Use /summon commands:
/summon 91hbeat:yellow1
/summon 91hbeat:green1
/summon 91hbeat:red1
/summon 91hbeat:blue1
/summon 91hbeat:silver1
/summon 91hbeat:spoon1

• Need a map for a project but suck at building?

A few of my friends recently over at Team Green Build Team (TGBT) have started doing commissions for making maps! So if you do have a project that requires a map then consider checking them out. For more details/information, feel free to check out their MCPEDL creations, Discord server and also the actual website where you can commission them!


• Confused about the download links?

So basically,
Win10High speed version, suitable for race track maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.53)
Mobile Lowered speed version, suitable for small city maps. (Minecraft speed of 0.43)
Mobile RevisedLowest speed versionRecommended for mobile users [lag reduction, easier to control](Minecraft speed of 0.35)


1) All the downloads below contain both the Behavior Pack (BP) and the Resource Pack (RP).

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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