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RD Monster Size

RD Monster Size
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Want a little change in your survival ?? What if the mobs appear with different sizes than in the normal game mode ... Like a zombie bigger than a golem or creepers smaller than cats !! This is what I offer you in this challenge which can turn out to be treacherous.

In this add-on, monsters can appear in 3 different sizes: 
  • Small size
  •  Normal size
  •  Big size 
For now the add-on only takes into account 11 monsters: 
  1. Zombie Drowned 
  2. Zombie Mummified
  3.  Zombie 
  4. Skeleton 
  5. Stray 
  6. Wither Skeleton 
  7. Endermen 
  8. Ghast 
  9. Creeper 
  10. Witch 
  11. Spider 
I will add more in the future. 
Namely that the monsters keep the same loot and the same characteristics regardless of their size. 
Here are some examples in pictures:
To see the other monsters I let you discover them in the game. 


1 / Click on Download - RDMonsterSizeRP.mcworld and Download - RDMonsterSizeBP.mcworld 
2 / On linkvertise, click on Access with Pub. 
3 / Click on the taskbar and wait 5 seconds, then press continue. 
4 / Download the mediafire files then run them.
This addon needs both files to work. 
Also remember to activate the experimental mode so that the addon can work.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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