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Morningstar War Pack V2.15

Morningstar War Pack V2.15
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This addon is developed by Morningstar Defence. This addon adds 12 3D guns and 7 vehicles into your game and it is the most recommended addon for Minecraft Milsim players. This addon works in every device.

Reasons on why this addon is recommended for you -
  • Textured guns and vehicles.
  • No eat mag to reload.
  • Comparatively less space in file size than the previous version of the addon.
  • This addon includes gun stats in the UI.
  • Gun shot sound range depends on the distance and the type of gun used.
  • All guns have sneak, reload, shooting and running animations.
  • The addon is very stable during multiplayer.
  • Comparatively better quality and quantity with the previous version of the addon.
  • Realistic fire rate for all guns.
  • Subpacks added to reduce animations and increase performance.
Weapons Included -
  • Assault Rifles
G3 -
AK47 -
M16A1 -
*note - crouch to semi auto for m16a1
  • Light Machine Guns
M240 -
  • Sniper Rifles
Mosin Nagant -
M24 - 
  • Pistols
PP90 -
M1911 - 
  • Shotguns
  • To reload guns you must have the respective mags of the gun.
  • You cannot crouch and reload.
Rocket Launchers-
RPG7 -
Remote Bomb
  • To detonate the remote bomb the player must eat the remote detonator once
  • You can also diffuse the bomb using the diffuser item.
Vehicles Included-
  1. F4 Phantom
  2. Mig 21
  • To control aircrafts you must hold the joystick.
  • To fire rockets or drop bombs you must eat the item.
  • To fire the 30mm cannon in mig21 you must have 30mm ammo in inventory.
  • F4 Phantom requires 2 people to fire rockets or drop bombs.
Motor Vehicles
  1. M939
  2. BTR 80
  3. Speed Boat
  4. Land Rover
  5. Humvee
  • All motor vehicles are easy to control as it uses the basic movement controls.
  • To shoot the 30mm cannon of the BTR80 the vehicle must have 2 people and the gunner must eat the 30mm item to shoot.
Deatmatch Setup
This is one of the most useful features in our addon. This is a structure that helps you to setup your deathmatch game spawn and scoreboard in few seconds.
Instructions to set it up-
  1. Load "deathmatch_setup" in the structure block.
  2. Spawn the blue and red flag for marking the spawnpoint of both the teams.
  3. Push the "Scoreboard Setup" button and reset button to reset the scores.
Gun stats
If you are interested to know about the statistics of the guns you may click the help menu or "?" icon in the inventory.
Hide Player Names
  • to hide names - /function disablenames
  • to show names - /function enablenames
This addon requires the latest version of minecraft.
We recommend Milsimers to paste the addon in the development packs instead of the normal resource and behavior because its much easier to customize the addon for your personal needs.
Also during multiplayer we advice you to reduce the quality in the addon (by changing the subpack) to reduce lag.
Its not the addon that causes lag but it depends on minecraft performance, ping of players and device hardware.


For .mcaddon:
  1. Click on the downloaded file .
  2. A pop up will appear and click on mineceaft.
For .zip files:
  1. After Downloading Rename the mcaddon to zip and unzip the files using a file manager app.
  2. Copy Behavior Pack and paste it in games/mojang/development behavior folder.
  3. Copy Resources Pack and paste it in games/mojang/development resource folder.
  4. Open your Minecraft and enjoy.
Applying the addon into your world:
  • Before applying the packs you must enable holiday creator featuresgametest featuresexperimental molang features in the world settings.
  • Do not enable all the experiments or it might corrupt the addon in your world.
  • We recommend to use a new fresh world to use this addon.
  • Make sure you have enabled view bobbing and disabled hide hand in your video settings.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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