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Minecon 2021 Mobs Add-on

Minecon 2021 Mobs Add-on
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In this add-on I added the three mobs for voting.I created this add-on a few days ago, but only today I managed to publish it, we already know who won,congratulations allay! but now you can enjoy all the mobs. Except for one, the bean already has similar functions to those given by minecraft, but I couldn't add them identical. I am working to improve them,but at the same time I am working on other add-ons and the next update for this add-on will appear later. For the functions currently added to the mobs, you can find them below in the description of each mob.
For the Add-on to work you must have experimental gameplay settings enabled when you create the world. If you already have a world created, a copy will be made to it when you activate these settings.

1. Glare: It spawn like a monster, in the same biomes and same conditions. You can tame it with sweet berries. It currently has no function. 
2. Allay: It spawn in all biomes, like a normal mob. You can tame it with cookies. Allay can teleport all droped items from a 9 blocks area. 
3. Copper golem: First you can craft frozen copper golem, it is a new block and with this one you craft copper golem. You can tame it with honey comb. Copper golem can activate redstone lamps at a maximum distance of 4 blocks. If you kill it, will drop a oxidised copper golem, which is a new decorative block like frozen copper golem. 
I hope you like what I did and I apologize for the little bugs.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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