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Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished (Crashfix Update)

Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished (Crashfix Update)
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Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished! The new and improved version of Dragon Mounts 2! With features that include better animations, new dragons, new mechanics, a whole new dimension, and much more! Here be dragons!!

The Aether

So, first thing, this is not a port! All the textures are made by me, and the objectives in the dimension are different than the original mod. This Aether was heavily inspired by the original though! The Aether! I worked very hard on this. To enter the Aether, craft an Aether portal by surrounding a water bucket with glowstone. 
Place the portal by placing it like any block.
Then, walk into the portal like a nether portal. You will be brought to an area that looks like this.
You'll be brought to the Aether!! You can do tons of stuff here!!


Skyroot is a type of wood. You can use skyroot wood like any other wood (make a crafting table, sword, stick, etc). Skyroot has its own crafting table. It acts like the normal crafting table. You can get all of the blocks in the creative inventory. You can make skyroot slabs to work as upper or lower slabs by putting the slab in a crafting table.
A picture of all of the skyroot related blocks.

Mobs in the Aether:

Aether Phantoms:

Aether Phantoms are phantom's that live in the Aether. Nasty things. They are much faster and stronger than overworld phantoms. They spawn from Golden Trees and are most common on gold islands. 
A golden tree and a flock of Aether phantoms flying over a gold island.

Flying Cows and Phygs:

Flying Cows and Phygs are peaceful mobs that can be rode by being right clicked with a saddle. Press space to fly up and glide down. They behave like overworld cows and pigs other than the riding function. They spawn everywhere in the Aether


There are 2 different variants of Swets. These nasty creatures look like slimes, but they are weaker but deal more damage. These give you nausea and they drop slime balls. They spawn everywhere in the Aether.
A blue swet and a yellow swet.

Aether Creepers:

Aether Creepers are faster than normal creepers, and explode faster. They're explosions are much stronger too! However, their health isn't as large as overworld creepers. They drop dungeon loot. They spawn in the darkest parts of the Aether.

Lightning Birds:

A lightning bird is a dangerous bird that only spawns in the Minotaur Labyrinth. It will blast you with lightning. They have low health.


There are 2 bosses in the Aether, the Aether Dragon, and the Minotaur.

Aether Dragon:

The Aether Dragon is a powerful dragon that spawns in the Aether. It has the same stats as the Ender Dragon, but it breathes powerful fire. You can summon it by right clicking the crystal at the highest point of the Aether. Upon defeating the Dragon, it drops dungeon loot, a bunch of Aether Dragon Scales, and an Aether Dragon Egg. 
The Aether Dragon Crystal
The Aether Dragon Boss

The Minotaur:

The Minotaur is a boss that can only be found in the boss room of the Minotaur's Labyrinth. To get to the Labyrinth, you have to get to the Minotaur Temple which is a quartz temple in the Aether. Jump into the temple, and you'll fall into a dark chamber. There is a scroll there, and upon right clicking, it'll tell you some information about the Labyrinth. The labyrinth is super confusing, and has tons of traps and mobs that will kill you. The enterance to the boss room is a wall of lava, and if you walk through, you'll reach the boss room. However, there are fake entrances too, and these fake enterances can kill you. To summon the Minotaur, simply right click the Minotaur head in the boss room. The minotaur deals 15 attack damage, and will knock you back. Upon death, you have to right click it's dead body. It drops a ton of loot, including a really powerful axe, and an Aether Dragon Egg. NOTE, the axe texture when on the ground is invisible. When it's in your inventory, you'll see it's texture.
An Enterance to the Boss Room
The Boss Room with the Minotaur head in the Middle.
The Minotaur

The End

The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon has been remodeled to fit in with Dragon Mounts 2's models! It can also now be spawned! The Ender Dragon drops dragon scales.

The Nether

The Nether Dragon

The Nether Dragon is a powerful boss that breathes an extremely strong fire called hellflame. It is the second strongest fire ingame as of now. It deals 20 attack damage. It's fortress spawns at 0 ~ 0 in the Nether. 

The Magma Dripper

The Magma Dripper is an extremely powerful ancient dragon. Legend tells that it was the original king of the Nether.  Its scientific name is Rex Inferos. It breathes strongest firebreath. It has many attacks. It can use it's breath which deals 40 attack damage. It can also summon spikes from the ground that will stab you. He has a melee attack that deals 30 damage. He can also summon pesky chunks of magma that can kill you. He has 400 health. If you want a pet Magma Dripper, feed it a ton of magma blocks. When hearts appear, and it stops attacking you, feed it magma cream, and it'll be tamed. The Magma Dripper's structure has a 5% chance to generate in chunks in the nether. The magma dripper's structure is a small volcano.

The Wither Dragon

The wither dragon is the slain corpse of a type of nether dragon. It spawns in soulsand valleys. It can be resurrected by giving it any dragon egg. It has 175 health and can breathe a powerful breath that inflicts wither.


Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon's spawn on mountains. They are not the strongest of dragons, having only 50 health and can only deal 5 dmg. They spawn in pairs (male and female) on a spike-like structure. On the top of the spike, there is a fire dragon egg. Right-click, and then kill the egg to collect it. They are tamable with salmon
A female Fire Dragon
A male Fire Dragon
An example of a Fire Dragon Nest

The Skysailor

Skysailors are massive dragons that appear almost everywhere in the overworld. They have 100 health and can deal up to 12 attack damage. Skysailors hunt fire dragons and sheeo and can be tamed with dragon meat. They spawn in ice biomes, deserts, plains, and mountains. Each biome has its own respective variant. Skysailors breathe blue fire breath that deals 5 damage. Each variant also have their own custom nests. They drop skysailor scales, and you can craft 4 different colors of skysailor armor. You can get their egg in the nests. Collect the egg by killing it.
Gray/Desert Skysailor and Nest
(The egg is under the tree)


Ice/Blue Skysailor Nest
(The egg is behind the skysailor)
Gold/Mountain Skysailor Nest
(Egg is on the cliff thing)
Red/Plains Skysailor Nest
A roaring gold skysailor

The Celestial Skulk Glider

The Celestial Skulk Glider is the first cave dragon! It spawns everywhere in caves, and are quite dangerous. However, they are blind and only have 25 health! They use echolocation instead! If you hear a scream in the caves that's a Skulk Glider. They have two attacks. A bite attack where it extends it's retractable jaw and deals 5 damage. It also has a tail attack that poisons you. They are tamable by feeding it slime, and can be bred with slime. You can also ride it and glide around.


The Skeleton Dragon

The skeleton dragon is the corpse of a fallen overworld dragon. It spawns underground and can be revived by giving it a dragon egg. After being revived, it'll be tamed! They have 75 health. One weakness of this dragon however, is that it burns in daylight! By giving it dragon armor, it won't burn.

Tools, Armor, Dragons, and Items:

Dragon Eggs:

You can get dragon eggs by killing dragons. When you get a dragon egg, simply place it down, and right click. Upon being right clicked it will become an entity and will hatch after 20 minutes. If you want to pick it back up, kill the entity, and it will drop the item. HOWEVER, if you get an ender dragon egg, put it in your crafting thing, and it will become a hatchable one, and you just do the same thing as any egg. When the egg hatches, you tame the baby with salmon.



The Skysailor Egg: The skysailor egg can only be placed on magma block. It will then hatch on it's own.


All dragons that are hatched from eggs or spawned using a tamable spawn egg can be tamed with salmon and are rideable. Equip them with a saddle to control them. Press jump to fly up, and let go of jump to go down. They can also be equiped with dragon armor. All dragons have male and female variants. They can be bred using salmon. They all also drop dragon meat. Dragons now also drink water or lava depending on the species! Dragons can also be used to smelt raw ores or netherite. They have different cooldowns depending on the species. The Magma Dripper is the only dragon that can smelt ancient debris.

A list of tamable dragons, what you can tame them with, and their breath attack.

Ender Dragon: Salmon: vanilla ender dragon breath
Aether Dragon: Salmon: A powerful firebreath
Nether Dragon: Salmon: Hellflame (an extremely strong fire breath)

Magma Dripper: First feed it magma, then feed it magma cream: Red fire
Fire Dragon: Salmon: Firebreath
Skysailors: Dragon Meat: Blue Firebreath
Celestial Skulk Glider: Slimeballs: No breath attack
Skeleton Dragon: Any dragon egg: no breath attack
Wither Dragon: Any dragon egg: wither breath attack

Wandering Tamed Dragons Feature:

Tamed dragons can now wander by right clicking or long pressing with a stick. Tamed dragons will start flying around when wandering, and won't teleport. You can make the dragon stop wandering by right clicking and long pressing while it's wandering. Or you can mount the dragon.
Male Ender Dragon
Female Ender Dragon
Female Aether Dragon
Male Ender Dragon
Male Fire Dragon
Female Fire Dragon


Dragon Related Items:

Dragon Armor:

Dragon Armor can be equipped on dragons.

Skysailor Dragon Armor

Dragon Scale Armor

Dragon scale armor can be crafted like vanilla armor, but with dragon scales.

Dragon Scale Swords

Dragon scale swords can be crafted like vanilla swords, but with dragon scales.

Dragon Whistle

A dragon whistle can be used while riding a dragon and long pressing or right clicking.

Dragon Shears

Dragon Shears can be used to shear your dragons and get dragon scales. There is a cooldown so it isn't to OP.

Dragon Meat

Dragon Meat is dropped by all dragons, and can be cooked. Dragon meat refills your hunger more than any other food. The cost is that it takes longer to eat.


Enable ALL Experimental Gameplay Options!! Caves and Cliffs toggle is not required however.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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