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Forged Hammers (100k Downloads!)

Forged Hammers (100k Downloads!)
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Welcome to Forged Hammers! A add-on that adds seven different hammers with fun and unique forgery system! This add-on seeks to relive boredom that is so common when mining with a fresh and new experience. Take a look down below at what this add-on has to offer!

Forged Hammers Add-on!

Forged Hammers Add-on (Formerly Ultimate Hammers Add-on) has been completely redone from the ground up! All the dumb features were removed and some cool blocks I made were implemented. 

Forgery System


The Forge is what you use to smelt buckets of material to obtain molten materials. You can interact with a lava bucket for the forge to use as fuel, one lava bucket will last 10 smelts. Wood and Stone Hammers don't use the forge system.

Forge Press

The Forge Press is a block that is used to press molten materials into hammer heads. No fuel is needed.


The workbench is used to craft the hammers! Just put a stick and a hammer head and your good to go!

New Buckets

These Buckets are what you smelt in the new Forge block! 

Hammer Mechanics

  • Regular Mining - Don't Sneak!
  • 3x3 Mining - Sneak and Destroy the block! Takes more Durability!
  • Special Move - Sneak and interact!!  Takes even more Durability then the 3x3 mining!

Hammer Durability

  • Wooden Hammer - 20 (They are really easy to make)
  • Stone Hammer - 40 (They are really easy to make)
  • Iron Hammer - 160
  • Gold Hammer - 240
  • Diamond Hammer - 320
  • Diamond Hammer 960

Hammer Recipes

Texture Pack Compatibility

All blocks in Forged Hammers are compatible with all texture packs!

Required Experimental Options



Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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