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Custom Leaderboard (List Full Scoreboard)

Custom Leaderboard (List Full Scoreboard)
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon allows you to get the full leaderboard list of your scoreboard in Chat.You can also use this to display the Top 10 (players/factions/entities) ranks on your sidebar.


Usage Commands:

/function lb_enable
/function lb_disable
• Use these commands in Chat to turn on/off the leaderboard system.  
/execute @e ~~~ scoreboard players @s lb = @s money
• Run this command in a "Repeating Command Block" if you want to display leaderboard from another scoreboard.
• lb is the name of the objective used in this system. If you want; you can add scores to lb and use it directly. 
/tag @p add view_lb
/tag @p remove view_lb
• Use these commands to turn on/off the Top 10 leaderboard display on your screen.
/function lb_list_toself
/function lb_list_toall
/execute @p ~~~ function lb_list_toself
• Use these commands to send the full leaderboard list in Chat to "yourself", "all players" or "closest player".

Editing Files:

You may edit/modify the addon files as you like for Personal Use Only.
• To change the "objective name", "scoreboard characters" or "text color" of the leaderboard display:
Leaderboard: ) ( $ )
Edit the titleraw commands of lines 56-65 in the lb.mcfunction.
behaviour pack> functions > lb.mcfuntion

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.16.221



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