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Deathnerite [V1.3]

Deathnerite [V1.3]
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The netherite a material too good, fire retardant and resistant to the push but afterwards it protects like a diamond armor and could it be improved? For that I bring you the deathnerite an ingot that serves to improve the netherite in all possible aspects.

Deathnerite apple:
a powerful apple that is made from a golden apple

Deathnerite armor:

+40% knockback resistance

+20% more extra durability

+25% enchantment

+ 20% protection

do not worry about dying in the lava and losing this amazing armor because also

the enchantment of this armor is very high

Gilded deathnerite armor :

+50% enchantment

An improvement that helps to be attacked by piglins. just mix any piece of deathnerite with a gold ingot

Deathnerite recipe:

armor upgrade recipes:

tool upgrade recipes:

Deathnerite sword:

Damage: 9
Durability: 2437

Deathnerite Axe:

Damage: 8
Durability: 2437

Deathnerite pickaxe:

-ores plus minerals are now pickable

Damage: 7
Durability: 2437

Deathnerite shovel:

Damage: 6
Durability: 2437

Deathnerite hoe:

Damage: 7
Durability: 2437


activate these functions so that there are no problems


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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