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[NEW] Dolphin Trainer Addon With Custom Animations

[NEW] Dolphin Trainer Addon With Custom Animations
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I'm really fascinated by dolphins and the interaction with them.
I made this addon. That massively enhances the dolphin behaviors!
The dolphins can now make awesome custom jumps themselves and even on demand!
The player can interact with the dolphins in many different ways!
You can also just watch these fantastic creatures, their ecosystem and behaviors are beautiful!

Here's a nice tutorial on Youtube, that helps you get along with the addon and give you an idea what to expect:

UPDATE: The addon no longer uses commandblocks. Everything works right away!


This addon features a lot of enhancements to the Minecraft Dolphin behavior:

You now get text info of every dolphin interaction,

You can pet the dolphins and give them a hug,
Dolphins swim together with you(It's super satisfying),
Dolphins have advanced swimming behaviors(It's also super fun to just watch them now),
Dolphins could play red light green light(A Squid Game reference),
Dolphins have enhanced hunting techniques(Dolphins got jealous, because squids became more popular(Also a Squid Game reference)),
Dolphins sometimes smash there pray,
Dolphins enjoy Halloween,
Dolphins can wiggle dance,
Dolphins enjoy checkups,
Dolphins are tameable,
Dolphins can play with a special Particle Toy,
Dolphins visibly hold items in their mouth,
Dolphins can be tempt up and down(As requested by many fans),
Dolphins are Rideable,
Dolphins can be controlled when being ridden,
You can go up and down while riding the dolphins,
You can even jump while riding a dolphin,
Dolphins are sittable like wolves(To make petting interactions much easier. This also enables the potential for a Slideout behavior)
Dolphins are breedable,
Dolphins jump higher,
Dolphins jump more often,
Dolphins can jump on demand,
You can inspire the dolphins to make your favorite jump,
Dolphins can dance with the player,
Dolphins form groups and work together,
Dolphins sometimes mimic each other,
Dolphins can get excited,
Dolphins are playfull,
Dolphins have some more health,
Dolphins can stay on a platform much longer,
Dolphins can stay underwater much longer,
Dolphins are resistant against fall damage(I simply didn't like them injuring themselfs)
Dolphins are healable,
Dolphins are tempted by multiple types of fish,
Dolphins interact with different sea plants,
Dolphins pickup all sorts of items,
Dolphins can equip and use different items(If an item is missing in their inventory, don't panic, they are using it in their mainhand. Drop a fish in the water, and they will eventually swap the item back into their inventory),
Dolphins have an interactive inventory,
Dolphins protect their owner,
Dolphins can do some tricks,
Tamed dolphins can find underwater chests and destroy them and pickup the items for you,
Dolphins are much more active,
The player can interact with the dolphins in multiple ways,
Dolphins could make different kind of animated jumps,
Dolphins will hunt for fish at some times,
Dolphin can collect items for their owner,
Dolphins are curious,
Dolphins love affection and sometimes stay near you without being tempted by fish,,
Tamed dolphins are persisted in the Minecraft worlds.

Taming Dolphins:

Tame Dolphins, by tempting them with any type of fish(Wild dolphins don't always prioritize being tempt, so be patient), Then feed them some fish(Taming them successfully is based on chance). When tamed successfully, dolphins are way more easily tempted by fish. You can even tempt Tamed dolphins specifically, by using a Heart of the Sea item. Tamed dolphins can interact in many more ways. Feeding them when already tamed encourage them to breed. You can also feed them to heal them, if they are injured.


Read more about dolphin interactions down on the page.

Some basic tricks:

You can make the dolphin show it's Belly by being close to the dolphin, then quickly look around 70 degrees down.
The dolphin can make a Flukewalk like animation by quickly looking around 70 degrees up.
You get text info, when using basic tricks.

You can play Aquaman and have a legendary dolphin swim:

Just start swimming, and the dolphin will follow!

Here's a nice video example:


You can drop different items to get inspiration. By looking at a dolphin from an average distance, you will share your inspiration value. The dolphin being inspired will make that specific custom jump:

[1] Kelp=Backflip
[2] Raw Salmon=Frontflip
[3] Tropical Fish=Corkscrew
[4] Raw Cod=Multibackflip
[5] Pufferfish=Backflop
[6] Sea Pickle=Dashflip
[7] Inc Sac=Mixflip
[8] Nautilus Shell=Doublefrontflip
[9] Glow Inc Sac=Frontsideflip
[10] Prismarine Crystal=Backsideflip
[11] Stick=Alien (As suggested by a very friendly dolphin behaviorist on Youtube)
You can show the jump info, by looking straight up for Minecraft 60 ticks.

You can also make a dolphin jump on demand:

Drop an Target item to enter the target mode, then look at a dolphin beneath the surface from an average distance of 12 blocks, and he will eventually breach and make a jump on demand. You can also make a dolphin perform your favorite jump by using the inspiration system, where you drop specific items.
To exit target mode and reset the inspiration value: Look straight down.
You now get informed about when you activate and deactivate the target mode.
You can also see the type of custom jump you selected.
You can also find your selected custom jump when not in target mode, by dropping Paper.

Here's a nice example video:

Dolphins can dance with you:

Tempt some dolphins with fish, keep there attention, then turn around 360 degrees close to them. And they will dance together with you! 
You get text info, when you perform a successful dance.

Dolphins can do a wiggle dance:

Look fully up or down to give yourself a value 1 or 2. There are 2 different wiggle dances. You can perform one of those dances, to nod multiple times. You will get text info, if used successfully.

Tips for riding dolphins:

When a dolphin is tamed, you can ride it. You can even control it fully. When looking straight down, the dolphin dives underwater. When looking straight up the dolphin breaches. You can even jump while riding it! Crouch to dismount. You can even tempt dolphins fully up and down now! You also get text info when breaching and diving.

Here's a nice video example:


Tip: If a dolphin somehow gets stuck at the water surface, just ride it and dive down to fix it!


There are some really cool petting animations:

Tempt a dolphin with fish, stay close to it, then drop one of this items for the animation:
Kelp=Default petting
Raw Cod=Belly petting
Raw Salmon=Belly massage
Tropical Fish=Hug
Sea Pickle=Back massage
Cooked Cod=Checkup1
Cooked Salmon=Checkup2
Secret: Show the dolphin some extra love with a specific item
Make sure the dolphin stays close and try to time the animation right.
The petting animations are pretty versatile, those could be used in many different ways.
You get informed with text info when you successfully use a petting interaction.

Tip: You can make a dolphin stay.

Tempt a dolphin, then crouch to be able to make it sit. When the dolphin stays, it's much easier to pet it.
This also helps, when trying the Slideout behavior!
Make sure to only do this in shallow water or on a platform. Considering you need to be crouched to unable this function!

Did you know Some petting animations even work in first person view?

Here is how:

Tempt a single dolphin with fish(Or an Heart of the Sea item, when tamed), make it follow you into shallow water or on a slide out platform, make it stay there by making it sit, then approach the dolphin how you like to pet it, now select a empty hotbar slot, making sure your mainhand is empty, now drop the needed item for your desired petting interaction, when still holding the empty slot. That's it! Now your character moves it's hand like it's petting the dolphin in first person view! Awsome! 
I accidentally found out this feature was possible lol!


There are quite a lot of surprises hidden in this fantastic addon! Stay tuned for even more awesomeness! For instance a Halloween secret, a secret dolphin hug and some Squid Game references!


There's an awsome Particle Toy available to try:

To activate it, look straight up for around 40 seconds. You get some info along the process. If you stop looking up you will cancel the process(This is to prevent over using it and prevent it from occurring at unexpected moments). When it spawns, it levitates near the player and you can push it, by hitting it in the center. Dolphins will enjoy playing with it and eventually do super cool tricks and potentially smash it around. You can recall the Toy, by looking around 70 degrees up. And delete it, by being close and looking straight down. I recommend only using one at a time. This will work for now. I will try making an actual ball in a future update!

Here's a nice video example:


You can open the dolphins inventory when you ride it, by simply opening your own inventory.


Tip: Make sure to delete the older versions of the addon, then freshly install the new version. For the best results!


Download the mcaddon version for an automatic install option. If that doesn't work for you, try installing it with another file manager.


Download the Zip version, if you prefer to install the addon manually. Extract the zip file, then place both the behaviors and resources straight into the right Minecraft map yourself.


Add it to your Minecraft world, Then everything works right away! You only have to get along with the enhanced dolphins!


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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