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The Cyber Valkyrie v2.0 + Halloween Update

The Cyber Valkyrie v2.0 + Halloween Update
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Are Iron golems letting you down? Constantly dying and stealing your iron? Fear not! consider recruting R.O.X, The Cyber Valkyrie to fend off monsters and protect you. What do you have to lose? Frankly, your mobs if you don’t accept my offer… give her a shot!

Addon Release Trailer:



Hello! Welcome! (Or welcome back) this section covers all the new stuff in the Halloween “Expansion” of the addon. You can view the trailer here:


The Halloween update adds new skins and a few new features to the pack to get in the feel for the Halloween season.
The Skin and content created is HEAVILY inspired off the ROBLOX game: The Mimic. Check it out. It’s good. REALLY good.


…yeah. items got new textures to fit the theme. Yahoo.


Rox got a brand new coat of paint and is going crazy for the new season unfortunately she’s acting crazy too but we’ll get to that.
She still acts the same and protects you and your mobs, but there’s a new feature in play that adds some spice to the gameplay.


If attacked by a player in survival, you will enter “rage mode”. You both will gain a speed boost. (You both run the same speed but it adds a horror game feel.  ;) )
After around 15 seconds she will massively slow down and you can outrun her safely. Which is good because when she enters this rage mode she does way more damage than normal.


  • Items have been renamed to match her theme and her…. Charm?
  • This pack was built off of v2.0. So any big  inconvenience you ran into in version one has been removed and stays.
  • This pack is OPTIONAL. You can go straight to update two if you want to. They are both separated into their groups.
  • The armor is still available. Although it IS creative exclusive it’s still cool.

I think that covers everything, no clue if you download it or not I just appreciate you checking it out. Thanks again, enjoy, and happy spooky season! :)
This pack will more than likely be updated in late November to revert back. So grab it while you can! (unless you ask me for the link then I gotchu. Seasonal things suck lol)


R.O.X, The Cyber Valkyrie:

This pack introduces R.O.X, a valkyrie which when tamed: protects you, offers you a ride, and follows you around. (You can also make her sit if she’s tamed and you’re tired of her)


If you want to spawn a valkyrie you’re going to need two things:
  • Valkyrie Keycard
  • Valkyrie Digistructor
When you have the Digistructor, point to where you want to spawn R.O.X and “eat” the item. You’ll hear a sound then it will shoot an egg like entity at the place you’re pointing at and will and spawn her.
NOTE: if you want to TAME her you’re going to have to craft a second Keycard.


When you want to tame, use a Keycard and it will instantly tame her and her eyes will glow GREEN.
When you tame her, she will start following you unless you make her sit down. You can also Ride her and control her like a horse. A saddle or a item to control her is not required.
NOTE: Upon taming her, she will no longer attack you if you attack her first. (That’s a given but why not make it clear.)


R.O.X drops a new weapon called the Cyberscythe. A weapon that does +15 attack damage and is quite more durable than even a netherite sword. You get it as a drop from R.O.X

Death & Warranty:

Just for you we threw in a special feature for this offer, a “For Life” Warranty! 
But in all seriousness, on death she drops a Valkyrie Deployer. So there is no need for the hassle of creating another deployer. So hold on to your cards!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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