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Survivalcraft End Expansion

Survivalcraft End Expansion
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Hi again, in my new survivaocraft addon i present a new update to the forgotten dimension by mojang the end many of us think than this will be the next update the 1.19 but well i present my new end update with a new generation, blocks armors, mobs and weapons

New end generation
Armors and tools
Thallasium is the most abundant ore of this end dimension with a basic protection
The crafting of this armors is with the vanilla form
With the thallasium block you can make the cutbthallasiumto a better decoration
To get this mineral you have to kill the ender mobs of this plugin
This mineral is especial because this mineral apper wity little peaks in your end
All of this armor can be enchanted
New endrrack: This endrrack allows you craft the stone tools and the furnace
Also you can find this new decoration blocks in the structure or you can make these
New end mobs 
Ender phantom
Terminal phantom
The watcher
Corrupted zombie
Ended soul
Ender guardian
Ender wasp
End spirit
Mystical enderman
End squid 
Ender minion
Terminal slime
End crawler
Ender nightmare
Purple golem
This golem drops you a new hard hammer
End troll
Tye ender troll drops its eye to make a special wand
Ender pig
This mob drops his new end porkchop
New food
Vanilla end ores
Structures and trees (not all)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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