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Rex Medieval Villagers

Rex Medieval Villagers
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Hello, have you ever wanted more villages in minecraft?, in version 1.14 the villages were updated but... you still think little, you want more, if yes, take a look at this addon that has exactly this proposal.

there are 3 variants of villages in this addon and they all appear in lowland or forest biomes in these villages you can find village houses (old and new) golems and loot chests to explore
these new villages do not replace the old normal manicraft villages (you will still find them throughout your world)

new villagers

common guard

  a normal villager equipped with an iron sword. he will always be on patrol through the village


equipped with enchanted leather armor and an enchanted bow he won't move for anything! always on guard until the end.

  elite guard

equipped with enchanted armor ranging from iron to netherite and a mighty battle axe. they are as strong as iron golems but slow because of their equipment. and there are only 2 in each village

redstone engineer

there is a new villager. the redstone engineer will trade redstone related items. and you find him as well as all the new villagers in this addon in the new villages!!!


there are 3 npcs in this addon. they are not found in all villages. and each one has its function

villager king

found in your castle in 1/3 villages you can hunt monsters and trade your loot with him. after gaining the trust of the king of villagers he will offer you 2 unique items!!!!

crystal king sword

 is not craftable, and deals 8 damage (the king's sword)

king's favor

a cool item, using a small army of villagers will be summoned and fight for you (this is a unique item and can only be used one at a time)


found in 2/3 village you can trade with the villager army leader, weapons, armor, and equipment

battle axe

in particular the battle ax (8 damage) which can also be crafted with 2 sticks and 5 iron bars


from now on, pillagers have their own coin! the "coint pillager" and they'll drop it when they die
after collecting several of these coins go to the nearest village and look for the mercenary (appears in all villages) with him you can exchange these coins for emeralds and other items

mercenary favor

especially the item "mercenary favor" when using it a small army of mercenaries will be summoned and will fight for you (just like the "king favor" this item can only be used one at a time!)
The villages are excellent at the beginning of survival, as they contain many good resources (such as food, loot chests, etc...) as well as being a safe place for monsters!

secret chest

I hid a really nice chest that only appears in 1/3 of the villages, let's see who can find it first! (if you follow please talk to me in the comments or on my youtube channel please)

future update?

this is an addon that i intend to update soon with more variations of villages like desert villages snow villages or even a nether village who knows!
remember to play this and any other addon mine you have to activate the experimental gameplay


to download this addon it is simple download the file click on it and the addon will be automatically imported to minecraft

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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