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Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update: Firefly Concept!

Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update: Firefly Concept!
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The new 1.19 Minecraft update has just been announced to be the Wild Update! There were many new and cool features teased, and one of them was the new fireflies. This addon adds a new small and simple mob to your world that only spawn at night, the fireflies! Experience them with friends today! 

What's new?

This addon includes fireflies which are simple but add a lot to the night time environment.
  • Fireflies spawn naturally only at night, between light levels 0 and 7
  • Fireflies spawn in groups of 5-10
  • Fireflies spawn only above ground, not in dark caves or underground areas
  • Fireflies can be spawned with commands (/summon mc:firefly) or spawn eggs from creative if you don't want to wait for them to spawn in survival, they're pretty common though. 
  • Fireflies entity behavior and model is based off bees, most things bees do fireflies will do
  • Fireflies do not replace bees, this is a separate new mob in addition to vanilla bees
  • Fireflies have been done in many different ways such as being bigger, detailed, realistic, etc, I made these closer to the Minecraft Live showcase by making them really small and simply 2 colored (In The Minecraft live they are actually only like 2 pixels, one black one light)

Download and Install:

  • Direct Mediafire link! Just download both Behavior Pack and Resource Pack
  • No experimental mode needed, just apply to world and play!
  • No player.json used or anything complicated, should be able to used with other addons and is survival friendly

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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