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Botany Pots V2.4 (Sky Orchard)

Botany Pots V2.4 (Sky Orchard)
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon useful to play stoneblock skyfactory modpack/addonpack etc.
It can help reduce the time it takes to plant a tree or cut it. It's really cool.  it grows automatically

This addon is to plant plants, trees. And others that can be planted 
Botany Pots can put dirt, grass
But clay, sand, gravel, podzol, farmland,lava, coarse dirt, mycelium, crimson nylium, warped nylium,soul sand, and more will be added little by little.
What add-ons are supported?
Minecraft Vanilla
Ore Tree (Vatonage)

Minecraft Vanilla (Crops)
Seeds+ V.1.5.0 (Guardianmilky) (Removed)
Botania (Dan Craft5) (Removed)
V2.3 ( Cave & Cliffs )

V2.4 ( Sky Orchard )

How to plant sapling?
After the dirt or grass has been put in pots, put the sapling in pots.
Why I can't put vanilla sapling?
To craft the sapling that you want to put in the pot.
How will it work?
Every 15 seconds, it will randomize an item that log, stick, leaves, apple, sapling.
Before update or replace new version.
Please rename old folder Botany Pots V1 Resources to Botany Pots Resources and rename Botany Pots V1 Behaviour to Botany Pots Behaviour 
If textures doesn't work, add the botany pots resources pack in the map editing menu.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30



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