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Minecraft But Fat

Minecraft But Fat
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 Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft but with a more realistic approach to eating food? I haven't. This is the Fat Mod - the more you eat, the fatter you get!

Minecraft But Fat
Things to know before you begin -
Crouching as default player is bugged in 3rd person
By eating food you increase your fat score, by sprinting you decrease your fat score.
Being fat has negatives and positives.
There are four main stages to this mod -
  1. Default
This is the default Minecraft size and model(note: crouching is bugged and looks strange like this). In order to be default, you must have a fat score of 0.
2. Chunky
You have eaten a fair amount of food to make your belly a little chunkier.
You must reach a fat score of 50 to be chunky.
Effects: Slowness 1, Strength 1, Health boost 1.
3. Fat
You have eaten a lot of food - your are now certified fat.
You must reach a fat score of 150 to be fat.
Effects: Slowness 2, Strength 5, Health boost 2.
3. Extremely fat

You have eaten way too much food - you are extremely fat.
You must reach a fat score of 300 to be extremely fat.
Effects: Slowness 5, Strength 10, Health boost 4
Have fun.


In order to start the fat mod, in game files turn all experiments except for custom biomes on. Turn cheats on.
Type /function start_game To make the game begin measuring how much you eat.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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