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Profitable Fishing Add-on

Profitable Fishing Add-on
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Welcome to this addon. Fishing on minecraft has never been more profitable and hardly anyone does. To have a nicer experience, with this addon you'll be able to fish in addition to fish, several other items of minecraft.

Update three

In this update we decided to separate the spawn eggs from the other lucrative fishing links, so if you want to download another version that is still available, by going down here, you will see in detail all the possible lucrative fishing versions.
Our new link will basically make you be able to fish all the spawn eggs in the game, of course harder than others, so you'll find that the most common mobs you'll get easier, if you don't like this link check out the other two below.



Note: a profitable catch has not yet been made to catch all game items, which would be a little difficult, but in the next update will add a link with most game items counting eggs and others, it will probably take a while , so use the ones we have at the moment.


Update Two

All rare minecraft items have been added in one file, unlike the old link that would give you some game items, now you'll fish for armor, swords and other very rare game items. One link will make fishing them easier, and one more average.
For profitable rare fishing, we've added all of the rare fishing items in the game, adding armor and everything in the image above and more.



Note: Changed the chances of fish being caught for better achievements of new items.


Update One

As said before, this addon will make your fishing time much more profitable. Have you thought about fishing for ores and other items that are hard to find in minecraft?
Here you will be able to do this. It's still an experimental addon, so there will be changes in the future. Keep supporting us even with these simple addons. We are always trying to improve and looking for new sources for this.
The new items added to the treasure you find in fishing will be here in this list, maybe I missed something:
Sweet Berries;
Ender Pearl;
Fire Charge;
Firework Rocket;
Diamond Helmet;
Glass Bottle;
Blaze Powder;
Gold Nugget;
Iron Ingot;
Lapis Lazuli;
Netherite Scrap;
Honey Bottle;
Iron Horse Armor;
Diamond Sword;
Cyan Dye;
Raw Rabbit;
Nautilus Shell;
Phantom Membrane;
Shulker Shell;
Ghast Tear;
Netherite Ingot;
Heart Of The Sea;
Magma Cream;
Prismarine Crystals;
Prismarine Shard;
Glowstone Dust;
Rabbit Hide;
Glistering Melon Slice;
Amethyst Shard;
Nether Quartz;
Nether Brick;
Copper Ingot;
Turtle Shell;

And More!




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Turn on:
- Holyday Creator Features;
- Additional Moddings Capabilities.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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